Lonely Raven

A raven sits on a withered spruce tree;
Alone, in silence, with nothing to see.
No worries or cares about anything,
So why is it quiet if it’s free to sing?

The wind whispers softly in a lonesome tree;
Only creakings and groanings without any leaves.
Across the snowy plains it moves so swiftly,
No kites, grass, or ravens to keep it company.

The raven once loved another you see,
They played in the warmth of summer breeze.
Then the cold warlock brought a bitter freeze,
And all the leaves fell and summer did flee.
But the ravens stayed put, enduring everything,
Until one raven died, without any warning.

Now the raven sits, alone and uncaring;
Waiting for summer to start his heart thawing.
Perhaps he will love another, given enough time;
But there will never be another to be his rhyme.

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Who makes the clown smile, 
When his smile is gone? 
Who brings the heart joy, 
When the heart desponds? 
Who will give direction, 
To the weary and lost? 
Who will love, forever, 
The soul of wanderlust?

Who makes the shadow, 
Of things that are seen? 
Who makes the birds fly, 
On invisible wings? 
Who gives me sight, 
To see everything? 
Who gives us life, 
By infinite suffering?

Do you have the eyes to see who it is? 
Are you so blinded by all of earth’s gifts? 
Deaf to the sounds not heard on earth? 
Dead to the touch of angelic mirth?

So wise and so foolish about nothing at all;
A top-notch professor who stands up to fall. 
Genius or idiot, I’m still not quite sure;
Give me a few minutes to ponder the storm.

Thunder clashes, winds howl, and day doth frown;
Take all day long to decide: up or down.
With only one second over infinite to spare, 
He makes his choice… Who really cares?

Only one cares for the whole world at once;
Only one loves you and pays on a cross. 
Only one dies and lives in eternity;
Do you know who he is, oh blind Visionary?

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Missing the Most

Moving fast down the highway six-lane, 
Cars whizzing by like runaway freight trains;
Going to work, heading to class;
Everyone’s living just a little too fast.

Memories pass and peep through the cracks;
Times long ago, like a blast from the past. 
Brisk fall mornings, rainy afternoons;
All those feelings always pass to soon…

Voices in my head from my young, old friends, 
Playin’ outside in the fields and the woods, 
Yellin’ and hollerin’ just because we could;
No one ever cared ’cause we were just kids.

Sitting on the couch, me and my family, 
Dad reads the Bible, everybody’s listening. 
Dim yellow light and a pitch-black night, 
But we’re nice and warm by the fire inside.

Here I stand in this busy old world, 
Dreaming about all those times long ago. 
Wish I could live every moment again, 
Slow it way down like a 3-day weekend…

Do you remember? How could you forget,
Those simpler days when a kid was a kid?
I’m not saying that I wanna take it back,
What I’m saying is I wanna live like that.

Live like a kid who’s playing in the rain…
Love like a child loves trolleys and trains…
Learn see the wonders through the picture frame
Of a little one’s eyes, where nothing is plain…

Add to this or send me suggestions if you think about it. This one is a work in progress.

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What Goes Up…


I have a riddle for you today.
It shan’t take long to say.


It starts down low, little byway,
Up high it goes, a sunny old day!


Round rocks and trees and marmot screams,
Through rivers and lakes and little streams.


Hobbitish habits of hiking: bare feet.
Until, in Reed Lake, we find relief.


From the heat of the sun we find some shade.
Together, we sit in God’s shelter, with faith.


We sit and ponder the hard, rocky face;
Observing creation, so wonderfully made.


Of Hobbits, it is said, they are knoble and kind.
Their bravery is unknown; unmatched in due time.


Adventure lies before us; soon we will arrive.
With hat and heart prepared, we continue our climb.


Over the edge of a peak and off in the distance,
We saw our payment for relentless persistence.


Despite our best efforts, we could not fix it.
Sometimes we fail, but failure is not permanent.


We succeeded at last, after countless attempts.
Determined to continue, together adamant.


And as we trickled down, back home to sleep,
And the clouds blew in, and our thoughts grew deep…


We sat, all together, remembering the scenes;
Forever engrained in our memories…

And so goes my riddle for you today.
It didn’t take long at all to say!
But “What is the answer?” you say in dismay.
Of that, only friends know, come what may.

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Little Wonders

Every little drop of rain is full of wonders.

Every little drop of rain is full of wonders.

Sometimes, we get so caught up in the sorrow, anger, and negative things in life, that we miss some of the most precious moments. I do not want to miss any one of those precious moments, and I do not want anyone else to miss those moments. I want to be the kind of person that, when you’re going through tough times, makes you stop, step back, and notice those precious, small, “little wonders.” Like a child that is kind, trusting, faithful, small, and precious, the moments can pass us by without us even noticing.

I believe that God uses many of these tiny pockets of touching moments to change us, work in us, and use us to accomplish His will and bring Him glory. It is when we get hung up and fixated on ourselves that we miss these defining opportunities of life. How many of these moments and “little wonders” have you let slip by because you were too busy or distracted by everything else? How many times do you think you could have provided one of the “little wonders,” but didn’t?

Matthew 13:31-32 is a parable of Jesus Christ about how the tiny mustard seed grows exponentially more when compared to other seeds. The kingdom of heaven is like that, starting as a small “seed” in a person, and growing and branching out to more people until the number of people saved that make up the kingdom of heaven is innumerable. How are those little moments ever going to be productive if we never notice them? Take a moment out of every day to just stop, step back, and see if you have missed any of these opportunities before they are gone.

Say a prayer and ask God for the peace and mindset to be able to notice these moments, and for the initiative to act on those special opportunities.

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How Far From Home?


We set out from home with comrades in tow.
The sunlight shone on every trampled stone.


Our hearts were free from the monotony,
Of daily life’s grief, work, and disease.


Every challenge seen, we accepted with glee.
Like trails of bunnies, our paths careened.


In the wide, open range we rested from fame.
No gold or silver claim, not even a name.


This edge of disaster, we came to master;
We kept going faster as we burst with laughter.

Our path took us over many a river and boulder;
A single, daily adventure, in the moment, lasts forever.

Looking back at where were, just moments ago;
The awe and wonder of God’s creation below.

Onward and upward, and further and inward,
Higher and colder, as we travel to Asgard.

Every step, every ledge, we struggle against.
Some laugh, some help, as we hang off the edge.

Overcoming the obstacles, we rest on the mountain;
No matter the improbable, we drink from Dragon Fountain.

Over the troll bridges, we head back to home.
Avoiding the disadvantages of becoming meat and bone.

To home we returned, for there’s no better place;
A place, I’ve learned, where love and peace stay.

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Midnight Summer Hike

Late Night Hike of Lazy Mountain

Yes, this is around 10 pm. These are adventures in Alaska: where sunsets last forever, and friends even longer…

Outlook of the World

A place where the mountaintops see the curve of the world, where the sunlight spans the horizons like a river of gold…

Don't Cover the Light


Where the light finds its way into every crack, and every rock glistens in glimmering black…

Lazy Pan


A place where selfies sideline the panorama, and a place where every day is an adventure bonanza.

P.S. – We didn’t get off the mountain until midnight, and it was still light until about 1 am (we had dinner after we got down at a local restaurant).

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