Nostalgic Melody

Hello everyone. Ever hear a piece of a tune and have it haunt your memories for days on end because it’s stuck in your mind and you don’t know what it is? That’s about where I’m at. This time though, I was able to track down the original tune!
This particular tune instantly sent my mind back in time. I can’t remember anything specific, but I do remember the feeling. It’s the feeling of sitting on your front porch in the shade on a hot day, listening to the wind and just relaxing and feeling blissfully free from all worries… A wonderful feeling!
You’re probably wondering, “what tune?” It’s one that isn’t too old, but obscure enough that youngsters won’t recognize it. It’s called “Rainbow Connection”, sung by Kermit the Frog. A simple tune that drags me into the days I’ve long since forgotten. I hope everyone finds a tune that does this to them!

You might also be wishing for the answer to Riddle #5. The answer is “Clue.” it might seem obscure, but you gotta do a little research. The minotaur and string is a big hint.

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Riddle #5

Did you solve this riddle of mine?
Will you solve it in the nick of time?
Do you want some seeing light?
Would some rest refresh your mind?
Does the maze repeat a sight?
Were you desperate for a place to hide?
Dreadful minotaur hunting your life?
Would you like a ball of twine?
Dearest, use my gift tonight?
Aren’t you tired of these rhymes?

I’m not dead if anyone is wondering. School is school. College tends to take it out of you, but also infuse you with inspiration to do more with your time. As I’ve said before, we only have so many moments to live, we need to spend them wisely. I’ve been falling out of my good habits, which is dangerous. You’ve got to build good habits; keeping them is equally and crucially important! Anyways, have fun with this riddle. They really are a good mental exercise for me.

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Update – Hiatus

Sorry everyone about the utter silence. I’m taking a little hiatus from the blog. I’ll try to stay updating again at least by the end of April.
I may post things every now and again, pictures or poems of adventures that is.
I’m not dead, just living and laughing in this funny life.

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Moonlight so beauteous in the night sky;
Shimmering loveliness in a lonely one’s eyes.
Fog and cloud strive to cover and hide,
But they cannot blind these memories of mine.
I will remember, both in heart and in mind;
Through sorrow and gladness, from time unto time.
Wait for the shadows to pass on by;
Love today’s gift, these treasures from Christ.
Greater love hath no man than to lay down his life;
From groom unto bride, husband and wife… I wish you a loving… Happy Valentine’s.

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The Last Place You Would Look

Taxes are coming up. We all dread them. This year I was going to file my own taxes with my Dad’s help. So I get all my tax info together and give it to him. He was not quite ready, so he set it in a pile on the kitchen counter.

A couple of days went by, and there was some apparent misinformation. He thought I was going to take care of the pile, and I thought he was going to take care of the pile. Neither of us did anything with it, and it soon vanished!

Once I knew it was missing, I panicked. I searched my room three times, completely disassembling it. We checked every pile in the house, from school books to magazines to junk drawers. We got really desperate and went through the entire week’s garbage (gross). We found clues that led us to believe they were in the house somewhere. My greatest fear was that my tax information had been used as fire-starter.

We had just about given up the hunt (my family had been scouring the couch cushions and bedrooms), when my Mom finally suggested I look in one last place: her cook book. She mentioned that she occasionally closed it up without looking to see if something had become part of the overflowing binder full of recipes.

My dad started going through the cook book while I looked in the last, remote areas of the house where no one ever ventures. Just as I had given up, Dad exclaimed that he had found it!

Just as my mother had said, it was tucked inside her cook book on the very LAST page.

So remember, if you ever lose important paperwork or homework, check the cook book.

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Time Frost

“… So I been tryin’ to slow it down, I been tryin’ to take it easy.
In this here today, gone tomorrow world were living in, don’t blink…” Don’t Blink by Kenny Chesney

Life is short, no more than a vapor according to the Bible. It’s funny how often I need reminded of this. So often we just focus on good days past, or future days we’re looking forward to, when we really need to be looking at the day we are in right now.
Don’t blink, because in the blink of an eye, you can miss the most precious moments of your life.
I know things get busy, but there is always time to just slow down for a second, even in a hallway on the way to class, and just find something around you or in your life to thank God for.
Not only that, but look for someone else around you. I get very self-centered quite often, slowing down and just taking the time to say hello to a stranger, cheering someone else up, can make a profound difference in both of our lives.

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My Picture Frames

Join me in my picture frames,
With family and friends.
Some, I hardly know their names,
But the memories never end.

Some, reminders of golden days;
Others dark and dreary.
Though life is like repeating waves,
God remains so steady.

I look at many and remember
Mistakes I made in plenty;
Friendships won, and so treasured,
Then lost and feeling empty.

From young to old, I wonder at
This life I have been given.
Pictures of us on the wall that
Show me I’m forgiven.

Fun in life that makes me laugh
And bonds us all together,
Starts a friendship that will last
No matter the trial or error.

Join us in our picture frame;
We’d love to have you here.
No matter age, race, or name,
Come join us, all that hear.

PS-The answer to Riddle #4 is “the sun.”

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