Midnight Summer Hike

Late Night Hike of Lazy Mountain

Yes, this is around 10 pm. These are adventures in Alaska: where sunsets last forever, and friends even longer…

Outlook of the World

A place where the mountaintops see the curve of the world, where the sunlight spans the horizons like a river of gold…

Don't Cover the Light


Where the light finds its way into every crack, and every rock glistens in glimmering black…

Lazy Pan


A place where selfies sideline the panorama, and a place where every day is an adventure bonanza.

P.S. – We didn’t get off the mountain until midnight, and it was still light until about 1 am (we had dinner after we got down at a local restaurant).

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Summer in Alaska

Summer hike... Alaska style...

Summer hike… Alaska style…

There’s nothing like going for a hike in the summer! Of course, if you go hiking in Alaska, be careful that you don’t go to the wrong place and end up waist deep in snow.

Tread, the Littlest Snowman

We made a snowman named “Tread.” A chipper little fellow!

Tread the Dead Littlest Snowman

Unfortunately… Tread didn’t last long.

The Mourning of Tread

We mourned his passing…

Tread the Great:
A snowman of wonder!
Faced the fate
Of snowmen in summer.

On a hike
In a seeming winter,
Tread did die
By the heat of summer!

Oh Tread! You blockhead!
Why didn’t you listen?!
Oh Tread! Now you’re dead!
Just water on pavement.

So Tread left this world,
An inspiration to all…
To put more salt on the road,
So you won’t slip and fall.

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Wedding Day!

A picture from the beginning of my sister’s marvelous adventure!

Leaving Couple

Introducing: Craig and Talia McCall

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Summertime Soundtrack

Every season seems to need a soundtrack, this is the summer soundtrack. Now remember, this is a soundtrack, like a movie, and this particular soundtrack features songs with few to no words. It’s the mood and feel of the music that reminds me of summer. There are the days of sunshine, the days of simply beautiful and easy-going days, the days of wind, the days of rain, the days of mountainous adventures, the days of dreary darkness, and the days of friends and fun!

Summer is a glorious time, and no one appreciates this more than Alaskans, who rarely see the sun in the winter months. When we see the sun finally, it is exciting and reviving! I thank God for the beautiful and energizing sunlight of summer! So, without further ado, here is the list:

1. Paperman – Christophe Beck
2. Test Drive – John Powell
3. Declan’s Walk – Randy Edelman
4. Siamsa – Ronan Hardiman
5. Duelling Violins – Ronan Hardiman
6. Slip Jig – Gaelic Storm
7. Death Ride to Durango – Gaelic Storm
8. The Storm – Gaelic Storm
9. Let It Go – The Piano Guys
10. Skidoo – Máiréad
11. Explosive – Bond
12. Palladio – Escala
13. Code Name Vivaldi – The Piano Guys
14. Requiem for a Dream – Escala
(I wanted to include “Requiem for a Tower” by Escala, but couldn’t justify it because it sounds too similar to “Requiem for a Dream”)
15. One Last Message – Andrew Lockington
16. Leaving London – Patrick Doyle
17. Throw the Coins – Patrick Doyle

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Sea Monsters

A piece of driftwood.

A piece of driftwood.

I walked the crystal shores in search of nothing,
And came upon a ruin, quite a monstrosity.

There it was on the sands, still and so quiet;
sleeping, waiting, like some sort of mousetrap.

Shaking, I wondered at its oddly shaped form;
Legs (or arms?) sprawled on the shores.

I dared not move, it looked so peaceful;
I knew in my heart it longed for a mouth full.

The seconds dragged on and turned into minutes;
The beast only moved with the waves and current.

A stirring, a rustling, a sudden jerking motion;
My heart was in my throat, my mind in convulsions.

The beast was alive! I knew I must escape.
My exit was blocked by many long snakes!

Oh what a fool I was for not looking up!
Pay attention to your surroundings, lighten up!

I, the Optimist, in my unusual and insane way,
Laughed at myself as though I weren’t afraid.

The beast heard the laugh, and sought to find me;
But I, like the wind, avoided my enemy.

Heed my warning whenever you are walking:
Avoid the monsters of maleficent murmuring.

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Catching Up –

I’m playing a little catch-up with the posts. Adventures have been pretty non-stop it seems.


Look close... it was a cold, bloody hike.

Look close… it was a cold, bloody hike.

First up, the first “exploratory” hike of the year. Went for a hike up in Hatcher Pass, it ended up being a lot rougher than we expected. Trudging through sections of snow up to our thighs made our skin brittle. The brittleness and the snapping of bear brush (alders) left many small scratches and cuts all over our legs. It was a brutal hike for being so short; but, informative!

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Sonic Summertime


Midnight hike + dinner at 1:30am? Awesome.

The lack of updates has been due to a tremendous number of adventures I have been having over the past few weeks. I finally have some pictures, so I’ll start posting some of my crazy summer adventures! In the meantime, here’s a riddle:

Today, I am me;
Tomorrow, the same:
Absolutely carefree;
Same smile, same name.

Fly with me now,
Wherever you are;
No crying or frowns;
Any place, near or far.

Time marches on,
Now I’m alone;
Soon more will come,
The past I bemoan.

Let me stay here,
Forever with friends;
Changes I fear;
Grey hairs I dread.

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