Clockwork Boy

What is wrong, little clockwork boy?
Why so glum? Why no tick-tock joy?

Is it this: that your cogs are clogged?
Is it that this rain made you rust?

Tick: you feel almost right again.
Tock: you fall with no help from friends.

Coiled up springs, interlocking gears;
Wound by hand many times a year.

Without care, the clock starts to slow.
Loneliness causes rust to grow.

Springs unsprung because no one cares.
No friends here; all are unaware.

Broken ropes, worn from constant use.
Cracked axels, hurt by friends: abused.

Who is there to mend; to repair?
Can you run after you are snared?

Have no fear, little clockwork boy.
Christ is near, to fill you with joy.

He can clean; you will be like new.
No more rust; polished and so true.

So smile now, little clockwork boy!
No more fear, no more worthless toy.

Wound up now to face the new day;
Ready to take the step of faith.

Who can know what adventures wait?
Listen now, hear that storm abate?

Weathered, beaten, pummeled, broken;
Another hurt around each bend.

Barely making it through each year,
Enduring every painful tear.

Until, at last, you were found there;
A shadow of what you once were.

Gentle hands picked you up softly;
Showed you a little mystery:

Every crack, every broken piece,
Used to make a fine masterpiece.

All the dents, scratches and scrapes,
Used by God in what He has made.

You are now something grand and new!
More beautiful than crystal dew.

Clockwork boy, loved and cherished too,
You have joy in the black and blue.

So my dear, little clockwork boy;
Never fear, never lose your joy.

I love you dear, always, ever.
Sleep tonight, a peaceful slumber.

One last thought, little clockwork boy…
I love you lots, in Christ: my joy.

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School Interrupt

Sorry about the lack of pictures and anything. I will post more things, just class has really bored me down…


A potted plant, unable to go outside.

Potted plant, stuck inside;
Through the glass, looks outside. 
Sunshine rays, clouds and sky;
How I wish to go outside.

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Photo 365 Challenge: Day 53

Strawberry Smoothie

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Photo 365 Challenge: Day 52

Raspberry Road

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Photo 365 Challenge: Day 51

Pink Sunset

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Photo 365 Challenge: Day 50


Cinnamon Stone

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Photo 365 Challenge: Day 49


Pretty in Pink

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