Weekly What? – Week 4

Sorry, again, for how late this is! I’ll try to work ahead for the finals weeks that are coming up at college. You can find the answer to last week’s in the comments.

Here you go:

The beginning has no end;
Nor the end, a beginning.
He does not break, but may bend;
He’s as strong as concrete pilings.

I am eaten by his mouth,
And spat out by his other.
His is sloppy, quite uncouth;
Into jaws of dark, wet, usher.

Tune in next week for another riddle!

Weekly What? – Week 3

Sorry for being late this week with the weekly what; such is life. Anyways, I haven’t gotten that music written up yet either, it might take me a little longer than I thought (I’m certainly no musician!).
I’ve been pondering some different things I could do for the Weekly What, haven’t struck anything yet, so you’ll have to live with riddles until something catches my eye. Check the comments for last week’s answer.

Jump, me buddy boys; we’re in a hurry boys.
There’s no place left we can go!
You can look all around, but you can’t see the ground! But jump, me buddy boys, jump!

Run, me buddy boys; run for the finish line.
It’s there, it just can’t be seen.
Don’t ever give up, you won’t run out of luck,
So run, me buddy boys, run!

Reach, me buddy boys; you won’t be sorry boys.
I know it’s hard to believe.
But grab hold my hand and I’ll help you to stand.
So reach, me buddy boys, reach!

Sleep, me buddy boys; no time to worry, boys.
Dreams seem to call out, “Ahoy!”
So don’t stay awake, but take every last wink,
And sleep, buddy boys, sleep!

This one may definitely be a little tough to decipher… Good luck!

Weekly What? – Week 2

Alright everyone, here’s your weekly what! Just another riddle this week. I’ll post the answer to last week’s in the comments. Also, if you feel like it, this one can even be sung to the following simple melody (which I will write out and post later):

Laughter, banter, 
Growing faster.

We run, have fun,
Try and catch me if you can!

There is no time that I’d rather spend anywhere.
This is that moment that passes us unawares.

Running, jumping, 
Sailing, adventuring!

Failing, crying, 
Hurting, forgiving.

We learn life’s lessons through uncharted history. 
Bright eyes look to the sky, see simple things we can’t espy.

Even though we can’t deny, we always never recognize 
The little things that once surprised…

Hold on, take heart, 
You are a lovely part

Of this world, difficult;
Don’t give up, be strong and bold!

Learning, loving, 
Caring, endearing.

This song is over, do you even remember
What this song and these rhymes tried to endeavor?

When am I? Can I fly? 
Neverland, oh up so high…

Weekly What?

Hey everyone! I’m going to attempt a “Weekly What?” for you to try to solve every week. Most of these will be riddles, but I may try to mix it up with other puzzles, riddles, or enigmas at some point as well. Here’s the first one:

I hate to say it, but you smell quite foul;
I wouldn’t let my kids close to you at all!
There’s something spooky about you for sure…
All tangled limbs in a marshy moor.

Rags for clothes, wet and cold;
Feasting on fish, worms, and organic mold.
I’d expect only ogres to call you home;
There isn’t another soul, save ravens and bones.


Hey guys! So, I figured I would go ahead and give you the answer to Riddle #8 now. You’ll find it in the comments below.
Let me say this, though: writing riddles is not as straightforward as it seems. A riddle is meant to be solved and should only have one solution so as to avoid confusion. Some of these single answers may have synonyms or very similar meanings.
This riddle only has one answer, but the answer may come out to something similar and not exact. Anyways, check the comments for the exact answer.

Riddle #8

We say goodbye.

We say goodbye.

Wow! Two riddles in two days! You all are being spoiled after weeks of not hearing from me. Anyways, check the comments in a bit for the answer to yesterday’s riddle. Also, check out the next post’s comments for the answer to this riddle! Have fun!

The sun is setting, as if for the last time.
The clouds are soft and golden.
A breeze blows gently in the quiet night.
The story is coming to an end.

After all we’ve been through, hundreds of trials,
The time for the end is now nigh.
Together we rest in a peace, worthwhile;
Our story has passed with a sigh.

With heavy hearts we remember those lost;
All the sorrow and pain we repent.
The adventure is over, we’ve made it at last;
Dark days will never be again.

With shallow breaths in the twittering twilight,
Eyelids flutter and droop low.
Hand in hand we watch the dawn of night,
As our story comes to a close.

Riddle #7

I realize it’s been a long time since I’ve posted riddles, so I figured I would write a couple so you knew I was at least alive. College sort of sucks the creativity out of me, mostly because I lose all the time necessary to imagine and think. Anyways, here is a riddle to solve. I’ll post the answer in the following post’s comments.

Others help me to my feet,
After I’ve been fast asleep;
Dreaming of the life I lead:
A hollow, empty, awful dream.

Against my will my movements creep
Across the floor, in dungeons deep.
I raise my hand; I want to weep,
Because my life is yours to keep.

Like spider-webs that stick to me
And make me live inside this scene,
So do you force my begging plea:
Let me go, and so, be free.