A Good Friend

A good friend is always there,
In one way or another.
They’re always full of love and care,
No matter how distant the other.

A good friend gives it to you straight,
When it’s the last thing you want to hear;
Because, they know, without a doubt,
You’ll thank them for it later.

A good friend is faithful,
Strong, and true;
Loving, caring,
And hoping for you.

A good friend is yours,
‘Til the day that they die;
Through hardship, through darkness;
Through every awful time.

A good friend is encouragement,
Of that, the best kind;
The kind that’ll never stop,
Not as long as I’m alive.

A good friend makes you smile,
When tears, so many, fall;
They bring a laugh back to life,
So they can share their all.

A good friend says goodnight,
Good day, but never a goodbye;
For parting ways is a solemn plight,
See you later, anticipates surprise.

A good friend is what you need,
No matter who you are;
I’ve got a few, and you do too,
So smile wherever you are.

A good friend will always be there,
After time too long to measure;
Ready, as always, to be a pair,
With a good friend, a great friend… forever.