Adventure’s End

I come to the end of this beautiful tale
After coming so far through perilous trails.

Mountains we climbed, valleys we raided;
We weathered the storms that never abated.

Together we fought the mighty, great beasts,
For treasures untold, and gluttonous feasts.

Though no gold or emeralds were found,
The friendship we had was never set down.

“Thick and thin”, says the saying of old times past,
Of comrades and squires who were faithful to the last.

Heartaches and troubles we faced side-by-side,
Enduring, supporting, always “semper fi.”

As the story ends and we set the book down,
Move on with our lives in quiet, little towns,

I feel sad and forlorn, yet satisfied still,
With the stories we wrote with our hearts and our wills.

Those novels of life will never grow old,
The people and places will always be told.

I will miss every page of all that has happened;
The book has now closed, the adventure has ended.

I just finished reading some excerpts of Don Quixote, and we got to the end of our reading finally, and I found the end very sadening, but happy in a way. When I read a good book, I know it’s a good book when it ends and I’m happy, but also sad. Happy how it ended, but sad that it did end. It is a bittersweet feeling, having “lived” the adventures in the book, saying goodbye to all the characters you got to know in the book.
Life is kinda like a book. There are chapters that contain sections and seasons of life and its events, some of them good, some of them bad. I grow attached to characters in my story, and I miss them when they’re gone. Every person in my story is important, because they all have stories too. Every person has a story; which makes me wonder, What part do I play in someone else’s story? Will I be remembered fondly, or as an antagonist? Will my story be worth reading? Will it be an epic, tragedy, comedy, or somewhere in between? Only God knows the answer to that one, as He is the ultimate author of everything.
I’ve been working on writing a novel for some time now, and it always seems to end up getting scrapped. This time seems different though and I might actually finish it. It will still be a while though as I’m still in school, though I do not have too many years left. Let’s see if I can finish it and publish it before I graduate.