Where Adventures Start

A yearning curiosity in the depths of my heart;
A wanting to go someplace and this place depart.
A searching for a mystery in the shadows so dark;
Joining hands with comrades on a great, dangerous lark!

Tis no better way to build friendships most strong
Than to share an adventure for a time and times long.
Our every hardship will be remembered by our sons
In picture frames and storybooks and songs that are sung.

The bonds that will bind each adventurer together
Will not be severed; for we are brother and sister.
Trials and tests will fall hard on each traveler;
Some will want to stop, but don’t stop, not ever.

The loneliness in my heart sought out someone who, when
Proposed with a quest, would join me hand in hand.
As a stranger becomes a friend, and an adventure begins,
Who knows where it will start? Or where it will end?