My Picture Frames

Join me in my picture frames,
With family and friends.
Some, I hardly know their names,
But the memories never end.

Some, reminders of golden days;
Others dark and dreary.
Though life is like repeating waves,
God remains so steady.

I look at many and remember
Mistakes I made in plenty;
Friendships won, and so treasured,
Then lost and feeling empty.

From young to old, I wonder at
This life I have been given.
Pictures of us on the wall that
Show me I’m forgiven.

Fun in life that makes me laugh
And bonds us all together,
Starts a friendship that will last
No matter the trial or error.

Join us in our picture frame;
We’d love to have you here.
No matter age, race, or name,
Come join us, all that hear.

PS-The answer to Riddle #4 is “the sun.”