Missing the Most

Moving fast down the highway six-lane, 
Cars whizzing by like runaway freight trains;
Going to work, heading to class;
Everyone’s living just a little too fast.

Memories pass and peep through the cracks;
Times long ago, like a blast from the past. 
Brisk fall mornings, rainy afternoons;
All those feelings always pass too soon…

Voices in my head from my young, old friends, 
Playin’ outside in the fields and the woods, 
Yellin’ and hollerin’ just because we could;
No one ever cared ’cause we were just kids.

Sitting on the couch, me and my family, 
Dad reads the Bible, everybody’s listening. 
Dim yellow light and a pitch-black night, 
But we’re nice and warm by the fire inside.

Here I stand in this busy old world, 
Dreaming about all those times long ago. 
Wish I could live every moment again, 
Slow it way down like a 3-day weekend…

Do you remember? How could you forget,
Those simpler days when a kid was a kid?
I’m not saying that I wanna take it back,
What I’m saying is I wanna live like that.

Live like a kid who’s playing in the rain…
Love like a child loves trolleys and trains…
Learn to see the wonders through the picture frame
Of a little one’s eyes, where nothing is plain…

Add to this or send me suggestions if you think about it. This one is a work in progress.