Who makes the clown smile,
When his smile is gone?
Who brings the heart joy,
When the heart desponds?
Who will give direction,
To the weary and lost?
Who will love, forever,
The soul of wanderlust?

Who makes the shadow,
Of things that are seen?
Who makes the birds fly,
On invisible wings?
Who gives me sight,
To see everything?
Who gives us life,
By infinite suffering?

Do you have the eyes to see who it is?
Are you so blinded by all of earth’s gifts?
Deaf to the sounds not heard on earth?
Dead to the touch of angelic mirth?

So wise and so foolish about nothing at all;
A top-notch professor who stands up to fall.
Genius or idiot, I’m still not quite sure;
Give me a few minutes to ponder the squall.

Thunder clashes, winds howl, and day doth frown;
Take all day long to decide: up or down.
With only one second over infinite to spare,
He makes his choice… Who really cares?

Only one cares for the whole world at once;
Only one loves you and pays on a cross.
Only one dies and lives in eternity;
Do you know who he is, oh blind Visionary?