Weekly What? – Week 2

Alright everyone, here’s your weekly what! Just another riddle this week. I’ll post the answer to last week’s in the comments. Also, if you feel like it, this one can even be sung to the following simple melody (which I will write out and post later):

Laughter, banter, 
Growing faster.

We run, have fun,
Try and catch me if you can!

There is no time that I’d rather spend anywhere.
This is that moment that passes us unawares.

Running, jumping, 
Sailing, adventuring!

Failing, crying, 
Hurting, forgiving.

We learn life’s lessons through uncharted history. 
Bright eyes look to the sky, see simple things we can’t espy.

Even though we can’t deny, we always never recognize 
The little things that once surprised…

Hold on, take heart, 
You are a lovely part

Of this world, difficult;
Don’t give up, be strong and bold!

Learning, loving, 
Caring, endearing.

This song is over, do you even remember
What this song and these rhymes tried to endeavor?

When am I? Can I fly? 
Neverland, oh up so high…

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