Weekly What? – Week 3

Sorry for being late this week with the weekly what; such is life. Anyways, I haven’t gotten that music written up yet either, it might take me a little longer than I thought (I’m certainly no musician!).
I’ve been pondering some different things I could do for the Weekly What, haven’t struck anything yet, so you’ll have to live with riddles until something catches my eye. Check the comments for last week’s answer.

Jump, me buddy boys; we’re in a hurry boys.
There’s no place left we can go!
You can look all around, but you can’t see the ground! But jump, me buddy boys, jump!

Run, me buddy boys; run for the finish line.
It’s there, it just can’t be seen.
Don’t ever give up, you won’t run out of luck,
So run, me buddy boys, run!

Reach, me buddy boys; you won’t be sorry boys.
I know it’s hard to believe.
But grab hold my hand and I’ll help you to stand.
So reach, me buddy boys, reach!

Sleep, me buddy boys; no time to worry, boys.
Dreams seem to call out, “Ahoy!”
So don’t stay awake, but take every last wink,
And sleep, buddy boys, sleep!

This one may definitely be a little tough to decipher… Good luck!

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