Weekly What? – Week 4

Sorry, again, for how late this is! I’ll try to work ahead for the finals weeks that are coming up at college. You can find the answer to last week’s in the comments.

Here you go:

The beginning has no end;
Nor the end, a beginning.
He does not break, but may bend;
He’s as strong as concrete pilings.

I am eaten by his mouth,
And spat out by his other.
His is sloppy, quite uncouth;
Into jaws of dark, wet, usher.

Tune in next week for another riddle!

One thought on “Weekly What? – Week 4

  1. So the answer to last week’s riddle was, officially: hope OR trust. Hope is a desire or striving for things unseen, but trust is probably the better answer here. This riddle was actually written to be sung to the tune of “Row Me Bully Boys”. Anyways, good luck with this week’s! It should be quite a bit easier.

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