Weekly What? Week 6

Hello! Finals have been a real killer, but they are finally winding down (no pun intended). I thought up this riddle this evening and figured I would let you take a stab at it! It was not what I intended for this week’s “Weekly What?”, but it will do. Solve this riddle! Who is “You?”

Caught betwixt sunlight, starlight;
The beauty quietly awaits.
A glimmering, shimmering sight;
Always, too soon, you abate.

The end of one, another long turn.
Moonlight spins a tale.
Dreams drift hazily in nocturnes
As you, across empyreal, sail.

Once departed, Dawn of night,
Sleep sings, softly lulls.
Return on morning’s eventide:
You, most beautiful of all.

One thought on “Weekly What? Week 6

  1. The solution to last week’s riddle is a little difficult, even vague, but that’s how they end up sometimes.
    Last week’s riddle was “forgiveness”, though there are other words that you could have used as well. “You” represented forgiveness personified, and “I” was the person in need of forgiveness: the antagonist.
    This week’s should be much easier!

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