Weekly What? Week 7 (Retrospect)

Sorry for the delays. The Christmas season is a busy season with so much joy to be had! Christ’s birth, the incarnate God, it’s the truest reason for joy this season!

I’ve got a couple slower days now, so I’m going to try and write out a few riddles in retrospect as well as for coming weeks! School is fast approaching, and a wedding this weekend tells me I’m going to be a wanted man! Anyways, here is the riddle! You’ve probably been dying to have the answer for last week’s… Check the comments.

Piloting a blimp,
Captain of the ship,
Many years at sea;
Only touched the tip!

Can you not see
Giant bumblebees,
Dragons and maidens,
And I, the cavalry?

I’ve been many places,
Too numerous to count.
I’ve been a hundred people;
Ridden a rhino mount.

Enemies are everywhere,
Some an awful sight!
With legendary sword,
I seem, to them, a blight.

Throughout every battle,
Every perilous journey,
At Impossible odds,
I find the turnkey.

I’ve traveled to castles
High in the clouds,
Fought in the depths
Of volcanic mounds.

Met plenty of strangers
In every town.
Made many fast friends
On solid ground.

At the end of the day,
I lay down to rest;
Dreaming of adventures:
Tomorrow’s best.

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