Weekly What? Week 10

Alright, here’s another riddle. I’m still playing catchup, so hopefully I can crank out another soon. Also, if you missed the answer to the last riddle, it’s in the previous post’s comments.

A child sits in his chair, 
Patiently waiting for food. 
Once he gets his meal there, 
He picks up his mighty spoon.

He takes a bite or two, 
Though seems a bit distracted.
It is not but very soon
His hunger’s redirected.

With bare hands he digs in;
Molding mountains and lakes. 
A house, a valley, a rocket ship:
All, out of food, he makes.

Here is a riddle for only you;
Of answers, there are but three:
Who is the boy, what is his food, 
And what has he been doing?

See the next post for a revised version of this riddle!