Weekly What? Week 10 Revision

After my Test Group A was unable to precisely solve this riddle, I have revisioned this riddle and reissued it to Test Groups A and issued it to Group B as well.

A child sits in his chair, 
Patiently waiting for food. 
Once he gets his meal there, 
He picks up his mighty spoon.

He takes a bite or two, 
Though seems a bit distracted.
It is not but very soon
His hunger’s redirected.

With bare hands he digs in;
Molding mountains and lakes. 
A house, a valley, a rocket ship:
All, out of food, he makes.

The rocket’s trajectory, 
The house’s foundation, 
The tectonics factory, 
All begin as a notion.

The rocket launches up! 
A man comes from the house. 
The rivers flow backwards. 
Facts and physics are oust.

With spoon in hand, again, 
He devours all his meal. 
Later, he ponders what he made, 
Dreaming to make it real.

Here is a riddle for only you;
Of answers, there are but three:
Who is the boy, what is his food, 
And what has he found while eating?