Weekly What – Week 11

I’m still a couple weeks behind in the Weekly What’s, so I’ll be posting a couple more riddles back-to-back here. Both of these are what I term “referential riddles” because they are difficult to solve without some knowledge of the subjects they reference. This is a common property of all riddles, but most riddles rely on contextually common knowledge instead of more targeted referential knowledge.
These next few riddles fall into the referential riddle category, but they are not impossible to solve without knowledge of the specific references. So, without further ado, here is the riddle:

Battleships go to war;
Many sink into the depths. 
Submarines, nuclear, 
Send fear up our spines and backs.

Look under the waves and foamy spray.
Can you see the bottomless bay? 
The lost city lies in disarray;
Drain the waters and oceans away!
Set free the victims of the day;
Don’t keep the child enslaved!

One thought on “Weekly What – Week 11

  1. I almost forgot to give you the answer for Week 10’s riddle! The answer is as follows:
    The child is the mind, his food is knowledge, and he found/discovered imagination in his food (playing with his food represents the mind imagining). That last riddle was very vague, even I could think of two or three entirely different answers that could have worked. As I’ve stated before, riddle-writing is not an exact science.

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