Weekly What – Week 12

And here is the other riddle! Again, this is a referential riddle. If you understand the reference, the riddle is trivial to solve.

Seed of iron in the ground, 
Cast by hearts of evil ice, 
Grows with speed at the sound 
Of songs of Lion’s new life.

Gleaming light in the night, 
A strange and wonderful world, 
Shine forth into snowy white, 
As a beacon to sails unfurled.

Creatures of the dark
Walk under the starry sky.
Only landmark seen afar
Is the spot where you shine.

One thought on “Weekly What – Week 12

  1. This may be a bit premature, but I’m going to give you the answer to Week 11 anyways. The “official” answer is a child doing the dishes. The reference in this is actually to my childhood (though probably not exclusively mine). My mother used to have me do the dishes by hand, back before we had a dishwasher. I would spend hours “doing the dishes” with my head in the clouds. My mom stopped having me do them because I would take forever to do them due to my overactive imagination.

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