Weekly What – Week 14

Well my spring break did not go exactly as planned, but things rarely do. I will do my best to throw a few riddles up, but things are mentally slow at the moment. Anyways, here’s a riddle to guess if you can!

Two in front, two beside,
Two connect right behind.
Snakes that wrap around real tight:
Two without a viper bite.

So gentle and loving,
Amazing and sublime;
Snakes of antiquity:
Benevolent and kind.

Venom of an odd, odd type;
Difficult, even, to describe.
As if one’s heart was jumping inside,
After saying, “hello” or bidding, “goodbye.”

One thought on “Weekly What – Week 14

  1. The answer to week 13 is that I am the oak and you are the willow. They are best friends. The answer is metaphorical: yes, you are the willow, but what does the willow represent? The willow represents the oak’s partner, comrade, or closest friend; those are the answers.

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