A Blip on the Radar

I’m not dead! My energies have simply been focused elsewhere. I’m in my last semester of college, working part-time, and leading a Bible study—all of which demand an enormous amount of time! Still, things are going well. I’ll try to post some riddles or poems soon. I’ve been needing to get my creative juices flowing for some time now. 

Silence is not Dead

Hello! I’m not dead in case anyone was wondering. My last year of college commenced and is proving to be quite the headache for me (I have one right now as a matter of fact l. Because of the chaotic schedule, my creativity facet has had to take back seat for a while. I note ideas down as they come to me, and I may try to post a riddle or two, but I cannot make any commitments at this point. 

Hopefully going to have time, after this year of college to write a book series that I’ve been pondering for some time now. Can’t tell you anything about it yet, but expect some poetry and riddles at the very least! 

Weekly What – Week 14

Well my spring break did not go exactly as planned, but things rarely do. I will do my best to throw a few riddles up, but things are mentally slow at the moment. Anyways, here’s a riddle to guess if you can!

Two in front, two beside,
Two connect right behind.
Snakes that wrap around real tight:
Two without a viper bite.

So gentle and loving,
Amazing and sublime;
Snakes of antiquity:
Benevolent and kind.

Venom of an odd, odd type;
Difficult, even, to describe.
As if one’s heart was jumping inside,
After saying, “hello” or bidding, “goodbye.”

Lost in a Blizzard

No, I haven’t died or anything. I’ve simply been focusing my energies on school, which requires an immense amount of energy. Spring break is coming, and I will do my best to catch up on riddles. Besides that, I figured I needed to post something. I was digging around some of my old poetry and found this treasure! It’s one of the first poems I ever wrote, I hope you enjoy it:

Wind howled through the trees;
tearing, biting, breaking me.
Storms of pain and suffering
Left a wasteland lost in grief.

As the storm began to settle;
Slowly, gently, little by little;
The gears stopped their grinding metal;
Silence came with gentle rebuttal.

Falling slowly from the sky,
Stars that twinkled in twilight
Covered the sorrowful, ugly sights;
Point by point they covered my life.

Not all at once, so suddenly,
Was the wreckage covered quickly;
But steadily, gracefully, gradually,
The snowflakes hid all misery.

Every speck of hope from above
Was sent to cover the ugly muck.
I say a prayer of thanks to God
For the snow I love so much.

Weekly What – Week 11

I’m still a couple weeks behind in the Weekly What’s, so I’ll be posting a couple more riddles back-to-back here. Both of these are what I term “referential riddles” because they are difficult to solve without some knowledge of the subjects they reference. This is a common property of all riddles, but most riddles rely on contextually common knowledge instead of more targeted referential knowledge.
These next few riddles fall into the referential riddle category, but they are not impossible to solve without knowledge of the specific references. So, without further ado, here is the riddle:

Battleships go to war;
Many sink into the depths. 
Submarines, nuclear, 
Send fear up our spines and backs.

Look under the waves and foamy spray.
Can you see the bottomless bay? 
The lost city lies in disarray;
Drain the waters and oceans away!
Set free the victims of the day;
Don’t keep the child enslaved!

Weekly What? Week 8


A picture of Pioneer Peak from the Butte

Another year has come and gone. My memory isn’t all that great, so I only remember things that really stood out to me; those moments most likely included friends or family. The best memories are those we share with others.
I thank God, my Savior, for every single memory, for helping me through thick and thin, for guiding me through the dark and the light, for His wonderful creation and amazing plans, and for who He is: The epitome of true Love.

Here’s this week’s riddle (if you follow me on Instagram, you already have the answer):

A dark night, broken by light,
Booming sounds, and firelight.
Cheerful voices sing on high,
Praises to my Jesus Christ.

Back, I look, upon the path
We’ve traveled from the distant past;
Each day moves by so blinding fast;
People and places, I wish, to last.

But now we must see it set;
The clouds and sky are all alit.
This day is done, another yet;
Keep moving forward, never quit.

Stay safe this 2016, and keep moving forward. Live your life for Christ and never give up.

If I take the wings of the morning,
And dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea,
Even there Your hand shall lead me,
And Your right hand shall hold me.
If I say, “Surely the darkness shall fallfnon me,”
Even the night shall be light about me;
Indeed, the darkness shall not hide from You,
But the night shines as the day;
The darkness and the light are both alike to You.
Psalm 139:9-12

Weekly What? Week 7 (Retrospect)

Sorry for the delays. The Christmas season is a busy season with so much joy to be had! Christ’s birth, the incarnate God, it’s the truest reason for joy this season!

I’ve got a couple slower days now, so I’m going to try and write out a few riddles in retrospect as well as for coming weeks! School is fast approaching, and a wedding this weekend tells me I’m going to be a wanted man! Anyways, here is the riddle! You’ve probably been dying to have the answer for last week’s… Check the comments.

Piloting a blimp,
Captain of the ship,
Many years at sea;
Only touched the tip!

Can you not see
Giant bumblebees,
Dragons and maidens,
And I, the cavalry?

I’ve been many places,
Too numerous to count.
I’ve been a hundred people;
Ridden a rhino mount.

Enemies are everywhere,
Some an awful sight!
With legendary sword,
I seem, to them, a blight.

Throughout every battle,
Every perilous journey,
At Impossible odds,
I find the turnkey.

I’ve traveled to castles
High in the clouds,
Fought in the depths
Of volcanic mounds.

Met plenty of strangers
In every town.
Made many fast friends
On solid ground.

At the end of the day,
I lay down to rest;
Dreaming of adventures:
Tomorrow’s best.