Weekly What – Week 17

A beast o’ green with yellow crown
O’ertakes the landscape all around.
Mowing men and women down
With claws set deeply underground.
No fearless Knight doth dare confound
The countless creatures’ battleground.

Can ya hear that mournful sound
O’ cries o’ fear from dusk to dawn?
Lovers o’ the fallen ones’
Vengeful tears cry out for war!

Picks and pikes, shovels and swords,
Off to snuff the most awful o’ hoards.
Ripping and tearing the mighty cords
O’ the beasts’ behemoth legs and claws,
Until, at last, the growls and roars
Are ne’er but heard in tales of lore.

Weekly What – Week 11

I’m still a couple weeks behind in the Weekly What’s, so I’ll be posting a couple more riddles back-to-back here. Both of these are what I term “referential riddles” because they are difficult to solve without some knowledge of the subjects they reference. This is a common property of all riddles, but most riddles rely on contextually common knowledge instead of more targeted referential knowledge.
These next few riddles fall into the referential riddle category, but they are not impossible to solve without knowledge of the specific references. So, without further ado, here is the riddle:

Battleships go to war;
Many sink into the depths. 
Submarines, nuclear, 
Send fear up our spines and backs.

Look under the waves and foamy spray.
Can you see the bottomless bay? 
The lost city lies in disarray;
Drain the waters and oceans away!
Set free the victims of the day;
Don’t keep the child enslaved!

Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee

We enter the battlefield,
Like champions we march;
To do battle with the other,
A violent deathmatch.
The flick of a wrist,
The wrench of an arm;
The bodies will twist,
But we march ever on!
We run to and fro,
Like hounds in a chase;
To catch the white rabbit,
Which always escapes.
Why do we do this?
What purpose does it serve,
To go crashing and smashing,
Til we all go home hurt?
For glory, for honor,
Or so it might seem;
But it is for Christ,
That I, enjoy this misery.
The King of the Ages,
Ancient before days;
Has given His Word,
A mighty strong blade.
We fight a long war,
In the battle of life;
But I will never surrender
Now that He’s in my life.
I will run onward,
Past all the enemies;
And take the frisbee,
All the way to victory.