Leaves of a Golden Pathway

Leaves of Gold

On a walk through sunny shade,
The wind whispers gently through the trees;
The path before, like lemonade,
Yellow, golden, fallen autumn leaves.

Even in these quiet times;
There are changes so uncertain;
Yet God still gives us sunshine.
The clouds of doubt are now broken.

Once the leaves from trees have all fallen,
To the floor of the forest so far;
Once they darken, and their gold is stolen,
How barren the birch trees now are.

The leaves will grow back after a season,
Even though the trees appear dead.
Just so, every scar, bruise, and grievance,
Will heal after time trods ahead.

Take heart, have faith, seek Christ right now;
Though now may seem so sorrowful.
Time will tell what, when, and how;
The spring will bring something wonderful.

And so I find comfort, on a walk,
Through the shadows of today;
I thank God, for the lessons I’m taught;
As I walk on a golden pathway.

A Golden Pathway Through the Forest

A Golden Pathway Through the Forest

Looking Up


We kept to the path,
Straight as a knife;
Continuing on,
Finally arrived.
But looking back now,
On the trail we tread;
It wasn’t the goal,
Pushing us ahead.
I see now what inspired me,
What helped me every step;
The gentle voice, the strong arms,
Of a friend helping me up.
When I stumbled,
Every time I tripped;
They held my hand,
A loving, firm grip.
When I became discouraged,
The climb too hard;
They were there to encourage,
“Look up! Take heart!”
Looking up, all I saw,
Was the long, long path;
My friend smiled, shook their head,
“Look higher than that!”
So I moved my gaze upwards,
Up into the sky;
What wonders I beheld,
Oh how beautiful the sight!
I forgot all my worries,
My struggles and my falls;
God had given me new hope,
New energy He installed.
The sky met the ground,
At the horizon they said hello;
I look at that horizon now,
Wherever I go.
On that path so difficult,
With potholes, rocks, and sand;
God taught me something important,
To “Look up”, “Look higher”, by the voice of a friend.

Summer Green

Summer Green

As we reach Midsummer’s Eve,
I stop and see, all the green;
leaves, grass, moss and trees,
in sunshine’s bright and brilliant beams.
Twilight comes and passes fast,
The moon still hides in Hatcher Pass;
I wait in the land of the Midnight Sun,
Wait for tomorrow to finally come.
Adventure awaits each day of mine,
Some slow, some fast, and some just right;
I enjoy the day, the sun so bright,
I thank the Lord for His sacrifice.
Like the leaf that lives in seasons but once,
So Christ gave salvation to all of us;
Though dead on a twig he fell to the earth,
Springtime brought resurrection, new birth!
So I look at this leaf that grows,
And wonder at what God has done;
This green creation He did sew alone,
The branch it stays home until autumn.
When it leaves the twig, it mourns so sound,
Joins it’s brothers on the ground;
It will return when the season comes,
When it does, it will sing a brand new song!
My friend so green, with eyes of a leaf,
Looks to find, a sweet relief.
God blows the wind, wherever He will,
Follow the wind, follow His will…