Weekly What? Week 6

Hello! Finals have been a real killer, but they are finally winding down (no pun intended). I thought up this riddle this evening and figured I would let you take a stab at it! It was not what I intended for this week’s “Weekly What?”, but it will do. Solve this riddle! Who is “You?”

Caught betwixt sunlight, starlight;
The beauty quietly awaits.
A glimmering, shimmering sight;
Always, too soon, you abate.

The end of one, another long turn.
Moonlight spins a tale.
Dreams drift hazily in nocturnes
As you, across empyreal, sail.

Once departed, Dawn of night,
Sleep sings, softly lulls.
Return on morning’s eventide:
You, most beautiful of all.

Weekly What? – Week 4

Sorry, again, for how late this is! I’ll try to work ahead for the finals weeks that are coming up at college. You can find the answer to last week’s in the comments.

Here you go:

The beginning has no end;
Nor the end, a beginning.
He does not break, but may bend;
He’s as strong as concrete pilings.

I am eaten by his mouth,
And spat out by his other.
His is sloppy, quite uncouth;
Into jaws of dark, wet, usher.

Tune in next week for another riddle!

Rain on the Window Pane

I lay in bed and hear refrains,
Of raindrops hitting the window pane.
Phantom noises playing games,
Drops of sweat, tears, and pain.

The sun lay low so far away,
Night ‘ere waits for break of day.
Shadows full of mean, cold rain,
That fell before, and continue today.

Darkness sits outside this place,
There it waits for unlucky prey.
With every evil eagerly in wait,
I hope in Jesus Christ and pray.



A midnight sun sits above the mountains overlooking the MatSu Valley.

Gently I drift away on a dream,
To sounds of the wind, rivers, and streams.

Reclining in clouds of cotton and fabric,
I hide under mountains, in caves of blankets.

Darkness comes from the east afar,
And brings the twitterlight of the stars.

By stars, this ship, I will navigate to meet
The one that I love, wherever she be.

This ship I board to that distant land,
My life I will leave, ’til morning again.

Lights in the Dark

Shining lights in deepest dark.

Shining lights in deepest dark.

We all need a light,
To find our way;
We all need a friend,
That never sways.

A bright, brilliant star,
In the twilight sky;
A warm, burning torch,
For the caves of life.

Find those good friends,
Genuine and true;
Those friends will stay,
Forever with you.

Friends are, first, strangers,
That do not depart;
Strangers become friends,
Who stay in your heart.

Even in the depths,
Darkest and deepest;
God sends us some light,
A friend to keep us.

Their encouraging shine,
You lovingly know;
It spreads to others,
As you now glow!

A beautiful flame,
Your friend is to you;
Caring and warm,
A friend forever true.

I will be that comrade,
That will never leave;
Through trials and times,
Though hopeless they seem.

The light of encouragement makes other glow with that same encouragement.

The light of encouragement makes other glow with that same encouragement.

Look around at everyone,
Find those who are true;
They will not be far away,
And when you need them, they’ll find you.