Confusion About Science

Over the past few years, it has come to my attention that the world has become grossly intolerant of Christianity. I stand on the Word of God, and no amount of intimidation or persuasion is going to make me back down.
The world has been indoctrinated with the religions of atheism, humanism, and naturalism. They have forced millions of children to accept their humanistic religions as fact, and aggressively attacked Christianity and removed it from the system. They have confused the word “science” with the “theory of evolution.” There are two general types of science: observational science and historical science. Evolutionists try to blend the two together, when they are actually very distinct.
I do not want this post to go into any sort of detail, but I would like to point you to a website that tries to earnestly set evolutionists and humanists straight. I highly endorse Ken Hamm’s work on this website as he fights to defend Christianity from the onslaught. The website is called “Answers in Genesis.” I recommend that any professing Christian read the articles. The articles are even broken down into categories for easy browsing.
As I stated before, I stand on Word of God, the Bible. I will make my stand with many others as we fought to defend our faith.

Link to AiG: