Riddle #3

Where do I go from where I am now?
Which road do I take, can I be found?

Who will give the directions aloud
Without a voice, nor even a sound?

My companions compass the world around;
I will never be lost, as north is not south.

Look to my borders, beyond what is known.
Use me to find your way safely home.

The Upside of Down

The bitter cold coats a bush in a thick layer of hoar frost.

The bitter cold coats a bush in a thick layer of hoar-frost.

“Funny how we figure out
where happiness is found
In the midst of this sadness I’m closer to You now
And that’s the upside of down, the upside of down
It’s all switched around, I lost and I found
The upside of down” – “The Upside of Down” by Chris August

That’s the way it is in life and faith. It’s an encouraging note though, that when our lives do get turned upside-down, it often time brings us to the place where we really rest and rely on Christ. He is our never-changing rock, a firm foundation, and our protection in the most inhospitable environment. We are not held down by our sorrows because our faith is in someone who nothing in this world can affect.

This week we had a couple really cold snaps. On my way into work I spotted this beautiful bush covered in hoar-frost. That bush will endure the hoar-frost until summer comes and then it will bloom. In the meantime, that bush is enduring the sorrow that has engulfed it. Hoar frost supposedly got its name from the word hoar, which is an Old English adjective that refers to showing signs of old age, because it looks like white hair covering things. Hoar frost ages things, so will stress and fatigue. That bush is a reminder that I need to endure whatever trials come my way because I know that spring will come eventually.

God gives me that strength in the good times and the upside-down times. Find the upside in down, because I can assure you that there is ALWAYS an upside to the down.

Old Notes and New Reflections

Found this old note I made to myself on December 12, 2007:

I learn daily that I must have faith in the Lord. In the mornings I must have faith to trust that everything He does that day is for the better. During work I must have faith that the barrage he puts into my life and the difficulties and problems he faces me with are to strengthen me. When praying I have faith that He will answer my prayers. I also have faith that when he says no, or doesn’t answer my prayers in the way I want, that what He did answer them with is for His better and perfect will. Sometimes the Lord closes doors that I want to go through, I have faith that the reason He shut the door to those things that He did it for a good reason, whether to keep me from danger or sin or it just isn’t part of His will. On the flip-side when the Lord opens doors I don’t always want to go through, I need to have faith that the end result is for the better. Nobody knows what God’s will is, but whatever it is we must follow it, for in the end we will be rewarded for following it. Sometimes it might seem like nothing good could come of some situation, or something is just so bad that God could never use the situation for your advantage. But God’s will is not always what’s better now, the Lord plans ahead, he looks down on us and knows everything that has happened, will happen, and is happening. By faith we must trust that the outcome, however bad or good, is being used for someone’s better. We need to have faith that God’s will is best, and we must pray, meditate on the Word, and spend time with God. But we must do more than just that, we need to prepare for whatever He may have for us. God’s plan is always in motion and there is always something God wants us to do.

Sometimes my own thoughts from so long ago, speak to me right now. I am not sure what God has planned, and I never will be. God likes surprises, and His are usually the best in my experience.

These past few weeks have brought me down very low; humbling, crushing… And yet, even with this constant feeling of desperation, there is a glimmer of hope. Even at night, there are stars that shed a little light. I cling to those sparkling points of hope; hoping, against all odds, for the impossible.

Prayer, meditation on God’s word, living today for Christ, and not worrying about tomorrow; that’s what I need to do now. I don’t know where I’m headed, but there’s always hope. I’m patiently waiting; for how long, I know not… But how long doesn’t really matter. Some things are worth waiting your whole life for… And, perhaps “waiting” may not be the right term; “look forward to”, or “anticipate” might better reflect the idea. It is an active patience; an action today that anticipates tomorrow, preparation.

Seek Christ, live out that life. Live every moment, in that moment. Look around and live the day for those around you; every moment was meant to be shared with someone else. Focus on others, and live for Christ; and you’ll find the north star, to guide you tonight.