Weekly What – Week 17

A beast o’ green with yellow crown
O’ertakes the landscape all around.
Mowing men and women down
With claws set deeply underground.
No fearless Knight doth dare confound
The countless creatures’ battleground.

Can ya hear that mournful sound
O’ cries o’ fear from dusk to dawn?
Lovers o’ the fallen ones’
Vengeful tears cry out for war!

Picks and pikes, shovels and swords,
Off to snuff the most awful o’ hoards.
Ripping and tearing the mighty cords
O’ the beasts’ behemoth legs and claws,
Until, at last, the growls and roars
Are ne’er but heard in tales of lore.

Weekly What?

Hey everyone! I’m going to attempt a “Weekly What?” for you to try to solve every week. Most of these will be riddles, but I may try to mix it up with other puzzles, riddles, or enigmas at some point as well. Here’s the first one:

I hate to say it, but you smell quite foul;
I wouldn’t let my kids close to you at all!
There’s something spooky about you for sure…
All tangled limbs in a marshy moor.

Rags for clothes, wet and cold;
Feasting on fish, worms, and organic mold.
I’d expect only ogres to call you home;
There isn’t another soul, save ravens and bones.