Official Journal Entry of Mortimer Looseleaf

I awoke to the sound of alarms and sirens in the distant. It took me a moment to come around after sleeping so deep; rest never comes easy in my line of work. I examined my surroundings; it was then I realized the alarms were much closer than I had imagined in my stupor! I leaped to my feet, my mind struggling to keep up as I raced to escape.

Minutes later I burst out of the encampment and sought shelter in the Complex from the shadows. Arrived at the Complex at about 07:45 hours; made it in with a little trouble from the guard who wanted to see my identification. Even though I work at the Complex in exchange for supplies, they are still careful to check everyone. You never know when someone might go all wacko and compromise the security of the Complex.

A long day of moving equipment from one building to the next; preparing for the next onslaught of the beasts. I work in two separate but complementary factions within the Complex. One of these factions has me researching different defensive and offensive tactics to replace our existing system, currently a patchwork of whatever we had available. During my research, I found my room had been bugged. I removed the spy and returned to my duties.

All went smoothly until about 0300 hours. At about that time we had a major malfunction with the defense system; all systems went offline for a few moments. They quickly came back up, but it was difficult to say how much of the system had been damaged by the malfunction. A few hours later I left the Complex, hoping it would be intact for my return the next day.

On my way to Division Beta HQ, I stopped by a friendly camp and did some distance training. We had a new recruit joining us for the exercise; she did well, just needed some encouragement. I got to Beta HQ and received a quick briefing on some projects. I completed most of the projects and was further briefed on some long-term goals of my encampment.

I finally returned to my encampment, the alarms were off and the place was quiet. The Detox crew had done their job well, ridding the place of the shadows for the night. They are sure to return tomorrow, but I’m always one step ahead of them. The rest of my encampment division showed up finally after I gave the place a thumbs up. Gonna hit the sack soon, hopefully before the light is drained from the sky and the shadows return. I hate those shadows… Tomorrow can’t come soon enough! This is Mort Looseleaf, signing off.

May 31 – Official Journal Entry of Tacity Martin

Today started much like all my other days. I woke up and knew the enemy was hot on my trail. The enemy must have drugged me the night before; marking me with a scent that any blind dog could follow. I entertained the thought of surrendering, letting the enemy take me; but I remembered my responsibility as the second mate of the crew. Motley as the crew is, I still love ‘em.

Raised myself and dashed across the cave entrance where I’d been, washed the scent off me-self. Prepared for the days expedition by suiting up, taking my effects in hand, and ate breakfast. Found a nest of eggs; had some other, not-so-fresh food as well. After breakfast, I made a list of areas to scavenge. I set off to find supplies, leaving the crew and first mate.

The first leg of my journey was no picnic, with boulders and beasts all over the place! Despite these hindrances, I arrived at the first scavenging area. Spent no more than eight hours there! Found a couple pearls, as well as some mangos, blueberries, and green dulse. While there, had a run-in with some pirates who spotted me a ways off and started firing! I returned fire and eventually managed to evade further conflict; made it out by the skin of me britches!

The second leg of my journey took me to a strange part of the island; not much for food, but lots of parts of old ships, tools, and equipment for building! Found some small tools for cracking open the clams, as the others would not last much longer. In addition to my small trove, I stumbled across a large piece of equipment for swabbing the deck. I was sure the first mate would appreciate it. Had very few run-ins, but was not alone! I caught sight of an old scallywag that used to be part of one o’ my crews. I left for the third leg of me journey.

The next two stashes I had to make were quick. The first area I ran in and searched for no more than 4 minutes. Saw a lass that once was in the same crew as I. Paid my respects and left the place. Arrived at the other area that was not that far off. It was at this location that I had to store a little bit of loot for later, making a deposit for future need.

I got word from a new friend about this time, via carrier pigeon. I made my way to a spot where we planned an impromptu meeting, though neither of us would see the other. She sat on one side of a wall, and I the other. I waited for her at first, almost dozing off in the heat of the day; but she showed at last. The conversation was cut short, much to our dismay, and I thus returned to camp.

Upon arriving, I checked for any sign of the enemy, but it appears the first mate and the crew had defended the camp well enough until the captain and reinforcements had arrived. They were outside working in the heat. I went out and did my leg of patrol duty; we’ve pushed the border to a 5 mile perimeter to date, looking up tomorrow. I got back, drenched in sweat, and so bathed under a cold waterfall.

We received an invite by a small, friendly crew to go to some sort of show with them. So we went. While on the way there, I had another faceless conversation with my new friend. Others in my company wondered who I was talking to, and so I told them and introduced them to the voice. We arrived and had a grand ol’ time with the crew. After the show we spent time going on about days long past, telling tales of adventure and singularity. As the day grew long I, and the part of my crew that went, returned to camp. T’will be a long night, as the watch grows long and the sun goes down; with light out of sight, the evil night and all its fright has begun.

End of Log