Clockwork Boy

What is wrong, little clockwork boy?
Why so glum? Why no tick-tock joy?

Is it this: that your cogs are clogged?
Is it that this rain made you rust?

Tick: you feel almost right again.
Tock: you fall with no help from friends.

Coiled up springs, interlocking gears;
Wound by hand many times a year.

Without care, the clock starts to slow.
Loneliness causes rust to grow.

Springs unsprung because no one cares.
No friends here; all are unaware.

Broken ropes, worn from constant use.
Cracked axels, hurt by friends: abused.

Who is there to mend; to repair?
Can you run after you are snared?

Have no fear, little clockwork boy.
Christ is near, to fill you with joy.

He can clean; you will be like new.
No more rust; polished and so true.

So smile now, little clockwork boy!
No more fear, no more worthless toy.

Wound up now to face the new day;
Ready to take the step of faith.

Who can know what adventures wait?
Listen now, hear that storm abate?

Weathered, beaten, pummeled, broken;
Another hurt around each bend.

Barely making it through each year,
Enduring every painful tear.

Until, at last, you were found there;
A shadow of what you once were.

Gentle hands picked you up softly;
Showed you a little mystery:

Every crack, every broken piece,
Used to make a fine masterpiece.

All the dents, scratches and scrapes,
Used by God in what He has made.

You are now something grand and new!
More beautiful than crystal dew.

Clockwork boy, loved and cherished too,
You have joy in the black and blue.

So my dear, little clockwork boy;
Never fear, never lose your joy.

I love you dear, always, ever.
Sleep tonight, a peaceful slumber.

One last thought, little clockwork boy…
I love you lots, in Christ: my joy.

Drifting Away

My eyelids flutter as I resist
The urge and want to sleep.
The night time calls and does not desist;
My thoughts start to merge with dreams.

I wander down a narrow path
That has no seeming end.
A ship with sails of the past
Passed me like a friend.

A rope was lowered down the side
For me to grab I supposed.
I took hold and was drawn up right
To the deck of who knows.

There was no crew or captain there,
On that great and dreamy ship.
It took me far from anywhere,
To a place where memories fled.

As the breeze filled the sails with
Hopes and wishes and dreams,
I laughed and cried and felt bereft
As they floated away from me.

The ship took me places I’d never been
Where even my imagination gaped.
My heart beat fast at what was seen,
Extremes of both love and hate.

Oh roller coaster ride of my life,
Stop at once. I beg you, have mercy.
Tired, frail, and broken am I;
So please, take me back in a hurry.

The ship does not alter its course or route
One second of a single degree.
How do I end this nightmare right now
And put an end to this, my suffering?

A bright light blinds me in my fears
As the ship is suddenly gone!
I found that, on the path, I appeared;
So thankful that it was done.

As my dreams and thoughts divide,
My eyes open to day,
I thank Christ for saving my life
When I was drifting away.

Rain on the Window Pane

I lay in bed and hear refrains,
Of raindrops hitting the window pane.
Phantom noises playing games,
Drops of sweat, tears, and pain.

The sun lay low so far away,
Night ‘ere waits for break of day.
Shadows full of mean, cold rain,
That fell before, and continue today.

Darkness sits outside this place,
There it waits for unlucky prey.
With every evil eagerly in wait,
I hope in Jesus Christ and pray.

The Upside of Down

The bitter cold coats a bush in a thick layer of hoar frost.

The bitter cold coats a bush in a thick layer of hoar-frost.

“Funny how we figure out
where happiness is found
In the midst of this sadness I’m closer to You now
And that’s the upside of down, the upside of down
It’s all switched around, I lost and I found
The upside of down” – “The Upside of Down” by Chris August

That’s the way it is in life and faith. It’s an encouraging note though, that when our lives do get turned upside-down, it often time brings us to the place where we really rest and rely on Christ. He is our never-changing rock, a firm foundation, and our protection in the most inhospitable environment. We are not held down by our sorrows because our faith is in someone who nothing in this world can affect.

This week we had a couple really cold snaps. On my way into work I spotted this beautiful bush covered in hoar-frost. That bush will endure the hoar-frost until summer comes and then it will bloom. In the meantime, that bush is enduring the sorrow that has engulfed it. Hoar frost supposedly got its name from the word hoar, which is an Old English adjective that refers to showing signs of old age, because it looks like white hair covering things. Hoar frost ages things, so will stress and fatigue. That bush is a reminder that I need to endure whatever trials come my way because I know that spring will come eventually.

God gives me that strength in the good times and the upside-down times. Find the upside in down, because I can assure you that there is ALWAYS an upside to the down.


When the lights fade to darkness…
When all the white is black…
When hopes are found not boundless…
And all your dreams fall flat…

When the sun falls into the west…
When the day turns into the night…
When every good thing is less…
And your will is losing might…

When the waters dry up in drought…
When the flood water comes by surprise…
When pain surpasses every mount’…
And in the deepest pit you die…

When despair is found all around…
When there seems no end in sight…
Even in the darkest shrouds,
There is still faith in Jesus Christ.

A quick note for the reader here! I’m a Christian. There have been times in my life (and no doubt will be again) when I feel worthless, low, and in pain so great I don’t think I can bear it… But I make it through! How? By looking the only direction I can in a pit of misery, up. The Holy Spirit lives in me and works in my life. The light that is in me is a light that no amount of darkness can ever overcome. Darkness will never overcome light because darkness is the absence of light. There will always be light, and the darkness will always flee from it. My light will never be completely extinguished, no matter how much pain, misery, and darkness surrounds me. I am a light to others. Even if I’m not very bright (pun intended), I may still help others see where they’re going. I try to shed light on their path and help them find their way.

And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not. John 1:5 (KJV)

Lights in the Dark

Shining lights in deepest dark.

Shining lights in deepest dark.

We all need a light,
To find our way;
We all need a friend,
That never sways.

A bright, brilliant star,
In the twilight sky;
A warm, burning torch,
For the caves of life.

Find those good friends,
Genuine and true;
Those friends will stay,
Forever with you.

Friends are, first, strangers,
That do not depart;
Strangers become friends,
Who stay in your heart.

Even in the depths,
Darkest and deepest;
God sends us some light,
A friend to keep us.

Their encouraging shine,
You lovingly know;
It spreads to others,
As you now glow!

A beautiful flame,
Your friend is to you;
Caring and warm,
A friend forever true.

I will be that comrade,
That will never leave;
Through trials and times,
Though hopeless they seem.

The light of encouragement makes other glow with that same encouragement.

The light of encouragement makes other glow with that same encouragement.

Look around at everyone,
Find those who are true;
They will not be far away,
And when you need them, they’ll find you.

Grass of Autumn

A gentle frost melts in the sunlight.

A gentle frost melts in the sunlight.

I awoke in a sweat,
Though bitterly cold;
Darkness, like death,
Had swallowed me whole.

Encased in my tears,
I felt unkown fear;
Endless was the night,
‘Til morning did appear.

The sun shown bright,
On the horror, frost;
I turned to the light,
And all my fears, I lost.

My eyes did dare open,
To see my surroundings;
Brothers who were broken,
I found overwhelming!

Some still sprawled flat,
In fear they did stay;
I helped my friends up,
To see the light of day.

Together, my brothers,
My sisters, and I;
We stand with each other,
‘Til the day that we die.

We are faithful, a unit,
A bond that won’t break;
For our own, faithful Son,
Shines down every day.

The strength, the warmth,
The comfort He brings,
Won’t, from us, be torn.
His praise do we sing!

Winter draws nearer,
Under weight we will lay;
But we will not fear,
Having faith every day.

Ah! Blade of grass,
How great is your lesson!
Your roots are steadfast,
Your faith need not mention!

May my life mirror yours,
In trust and great hope.
May those truths be reinforced,
And my life, help others float.