Weekly What? – Week 4

Sorry, again, for how late this is! I’ll try to work ahead for the finals weeks that are coming up at college. You can find the answer to last week’s in the comments.

Here you go:

The beginning has no end;
Nor the end, a beginning.
He does not break, but may bend;
He’s as strong as concrete pilings.

I am eaten by his mouth,
And spat out by his other.
His is sloppy, quite uncouth;
Into jaws of dark, wet, usher.

Tune in next week for another riddle!

Finals week…

You all know what this means right? It means your life pretty much ends for a couple weeks as you:
1. Cram and prepare for finals.
2. Write papers on a caffeine high in the middle of the night.
3. Lock all the doors to your room as you prepare your one note card for that test using a microscope and nano-pencil
4. Attempt to memorize whole textbooks using complex memorization methods like osmosis (sleeping, face down, in an open book).
5. Plead with teachers for more time (bribery sometimes works).
6. Avoid drinking and eating to save time on bathroom breaks.
7. Wear disguises to avoid unnecessary conversations with friends.
8. Use deodorant frequently because you haven’t had time to do laundry or shower.
9. Go to class barefoot and in pajamas because shoes take too long to put on.
10. Bring a camera and microphone to test review class sessions and playing it back while you sleep in 10 minute intervals during the night, simultaneously writing your research paper and working on that art project and ending up with a hybrid “Picasso meets Einstein” in the morning that you can submit for both classes!

Yes… Finals weeks are upon us. Be careful out there. Watch out for splintering pencils and students-gone-mad. Try to rest when necessary, and rest is necessary by the way.

Anyways, have fun in the stressful week of unique adventures!