Road-Trip Throwback


This is a panoramic that I snagged on my way back from a wedding in Eagle, Alaska. The wedding was amazing! It was two friends I’ve known for some time that were getting married. Pictures are the threads that hold my memories together. Even one memorable picture ties to hundreds of thousands of wonderful memories. Every memory with every friend is something I treasure.

Midnight Summer Hike

Late Night Hike of Lazy Mountain

Yes, this is around 10 pm. These are adventures in Alaska: where sunsets last forever, and friends even longer…

Outlook of the World

A place where the mountaintops see the curve of the world, where the sunlight spans the horizons like a river of gold…

Don't Cover the Light


Where the light finds its way into every crack, and every rock glistens in glimmering black…

Lazy Pan


A place where selfies sideline the panorama, and a place where every day is an adventure bonanza.

P.S. – We didn’t get off the mountain until midnight, and it was still light until about 1 am (we had dinner after we got down at a local restaurant).

Where Adventures Start

A yearning curiosity in the depths of my heart;
A wanting to go someplace and this place depart.
A searching for a mystery in the shadows so dark;
Joining hands with comrades on a great, dangerous lark!

Tis no better way to build friendships most strong
Than to share an adventure for a time and times long.
Our every hardship will be remembered by our sons
In picture frames and storybooks and songs that are sung.

The bonds that will bind each adventurer together
Will not be severed; for we are brother and sister.
Trials and tests will fall hard on each traveler;
Some will want to stop, but don’t stop, not ever.

The loneliness in my heart sought out someone who, when
Proposed with a quest, would join me hand in hand.
As a stranger becomes a friend, and an adventure begins,
Who knows where it will start? Or where it will end?


Laughing with my family about nothing in particular,
Friends joining in without having a clue;
Hurting from the straining of smiling and laughter,
Our cares disappear for a moment or two.

Our burdens are lighter when we’re with each other,
Two backs are stronger than one, I’m told;
Your joys and sorrows are shared with your brothers,
No need to try to endure it alone.

Christ, my Savior, will be mine forever,
Of that He is not doubtable;
He is Hope when there is none elsewhere,
Security infinitely valuable.