​Do you feel the changing breeze? 
Do you see the golden leaves? 
Can you hear the melody
Of the skylark, as it sings? 

Wind is blowing, 
Trees are swaying, 
Skylark’s song is always shifting!
Sun is setting, 
Clouds are raining, 
Come with me and go skylarking! 

Do you sense the summer’s flee? 
From the curse have you been freed? 
Have you heard the beckoning 
Of God’s voice gently speak? 

Seasons changing, 
Years are passing, 
Skylark’s song is always aging! 
Time is wasting, 
People hasting, 
Blind to Christ they are rejecting! 

Is there hope in anything? 
Will ground stay beneath my feet?  
Sings the skylark in the tree, 
“What is life without meaning?”

Hope is failing, 
Ground is shaking, 
Skylark’s song is quickly waning! 
People searching, 
Never finding, 
Stubborn pride, again denying!


Now it’s quiet, dark, and night. 
The skylark’s song is cold. 
A single Light shines out so bright;
Piercing the heart and soul. 

The shaking stopped, 
The noise abrupt, 
As onto the Rock I stepped. 
My heartbeat  stills, 
The fight is naught, 
As Christ, my heart, indwells.

Weekly What? – Week 5

Here is this week’s riddle! Bonus points if you can guess who both “You” and “I” are.

You, I hurt beyond repair. 
You, I burnt without a care. 
You, I hated without remorse. 
You, I cannot recompense.

You, I love like a friend. 
You, I hated without end. 
You, I lied to over again.
You, I cannot understand.

You, I did not bend, but break. 
You, I tried to elucidate. 
You, I could not eliminate. 
You, I wanted to go away.

You, I feel guilty about. 
You, I left in utter doubt. 
You, I left alone in clouds. 
You, I feel, really resound.

You, I failed to send away. 
You, I came to repudiate. 
You, I thoroughly abominated.
You, I thought to be a fake.

I, you will not reprobate. 
I, you do not retaliate. 
I, you give what I take. 
I, you accept my hate, my lies, my pain.

Weekly What? – Week 3

Sorry for being late this week with the weekly what; such is life. Anyways, I haven’t gotten that music written up yet either, it might take me a little longer than I thought (I’m certainly no musician!).
I’ve been pondering some different things I could do for the Weekly What, haven’t struck anything yet, so you’ll have to live with riddles until something catches my eye. Check the comments for last week’s answer.

Jump, me buddy boys; we’re in a hurry boys.
There’s no place left we can go!
You can look all around, but you can’t see the ground! But jump, me buddy boys, jump!

Run, me buddy boys; run for the finish line.
It’s there, it just can’t be seen.
Don’t ever give up, you won’t run out of luck,
So run, me buddy boys, run!

Reach, me buddy boys; you won’t be sorry boys.
I know it’s hard to believe.
But grab hold my hand and I’ll help you to stand.
So reach, me buddy boys, reach!

Sleep, me buddy boys; no time to worry, boys.
Dreams seem to call out, “Ahoy!”
So don’t stay awake, but take every last wink,
And sleep, buddy boys, sleep!

This one may definitely be a little tough to decipher… Good luck!

Summertime Soundtrack

Every season seems to need a soundtrack, this is the summer soundtrack. Now remember, this is a soundtrack, like a movie, and this particular soundtrack features songs with few to no words. It’s the mood and feel of the music that reminds me of summer. There are the days of sunshine, the days of simply beautiful and easy-going days, the days of wind, the days of rain, the days of mountainous adventures, the days of dreary darkness, and the days of friends and fun!

Summer is a glorious time, and no one appreciates this more than Alaskans, who rarely see the sun in the winter months. When we see the sun finally, it is exciting and reviving! I thank God for the beautiful and energizing sunlight of summer! So, without further ado, here is the list:

1. Paperman – Christophe Beck
2. Test Drive – John Powell
3. Declan’s Walk – Randy Edelman
4. Siamsa – Ronan Hardiman
5. Duelling Violins – Ronan Hardiman
6. Slip Jig – Gaelic Storm
7. Death Ride to Durango – Gaelic Storm
8. The Storm – Gaelic Storm
9. Let It Go – The Piano Guys
10. Skidoo – Máiréad
11. Explosive – Bond
12. Palladio – Escala
13. Code Name Vivaldi – The Piano Guys
14. Requiem for a Dream – Escala
(I wanted to include “Requiem for a Tower” by Escala, but couldn’t justify it because it sounds too similar to “Requiem for a Dream”)
15. One Last Message – Andrew Lockington
16. Leaving London – Patrick Doyle
17. Throw the Coins – Patrick Doyle