Riddle #4

She sleeps so fair,
And only God can wake her.
Almost everywhere,
Except where shadows linger.

Once, maybe twice,
As she rises and sets;
Sleeping, doth rise,
Awake, she goes to bed.

Bright and cheery,
She starts her day in light;
Red and misty,
She leaves in red, gold, sight.

I’m sorry it’s been so long. As school progresses, it may get much worse. Also, I am starting to save up for a camera again, so I can start photographing some adventures for you.


Gold refined by fire is very bright and beautiful;
Diamonds, cut and polished, glittering, so wonderful.

Love, like gold, that endures trials by fire,
Is better than any other and priced much higher.

Be a true friend that endures the pain and cuts,
A genuine love that, no matter what, never gives up.

If you survive the most painful things felt,
There will be no word, none that is spelt,
That can truly define the beauty in you,
Something so valuable, something so true.

Leaves of a Golden Pathway

Leaves of Gold

On a walk through sunny shade,
The wind whispers gently through the trees;
The path before, like lemonade,
Yellow, golden, fallen autumn leaves.

Even in these quiet times;
There are changes so uncertain;
Yet God still gives us sunshine.
The clouds of doubt are now broken.

Once the leaves from trees have all fallen,
To the floor of the forest so far;
Once they darken, and their gold is stolen,
How barren the birch trees now are.

The leaves will grow back after a season,
Even though the trees appear dead.
Just so, every scar, bruise, and grievance,
Will heal after time trods ahead.

Take heart, have faith, seek Christ right now;
Though now may seem so sorrowful.
Time will tell what, when, and how;
The spring will bring something wonderful.

And so I find comfort, on a walk,
Through the shadows of today;
I thank God, for the lessons I’m taught;
As I walk on a golden pathway.

A Golden Pathway Through the Forest

A Golden Pathway Through the Forest

Sunset Watch

Sunset Watch

The bright sunny day, fades away in the west;
Slowly it dims, until only darkness is left.
We keep ourselves busy throughout the day,
When night finally comes, we sleep right away.
Right as the sun reaches the horizon so low,
Gold fills the sky, with a crimson-orange glow.
Every eye can see this painting in the sky,
No matter how far, we see the canvas light.

As you lay your head down, to rest tonight,
think about the times, think about our life.
The worries of today bring stress to tomorrow;
God lifts the burdens if we give Him our sorrow.
For right when we think the light is all gone,
A brilliant, gold glow, suddenly comes on!
At last we rest, so peacefully tonight;
content with today, and tomorrow looking bright.