Tower 1.5

Tower 1.5

So I did the math… not sure why. But with each level going down, the load increases by 1/2. So the top person is supporting nothing (1:0). The next two are supporting one person (2:1). The next three are supporting three (1:1). The next four are supporting six (4:6). Hence why the guy in green is getting smashed into the ground.

Lament for My Sister

Alas! My dear young sister;
Your fate has been sealed!
Your vitality will disappear,
Your mind will congeal.

Your eyes sparkle, your cheeks glow;
Yet you see not the danger.
Little sister, you do not yet know;
But I think you’re getting sicker.

You’ve been infected with a terrible disease,
The heart thumps, and the knees go;
Vision will be next, and you won’t even see trees!
Not that you could before though…

You wander about, all in a daze,
Like a lost penguin in the middle of town.
People stop, you catch their gaze;
It’s hard not see you floating off the ground!

Soon you’ll be taken far away,
To a mental institution I would think;
The doctor, from what they say,
Sounds like a perfect match for thee.

Together you two will be perfectly safe,
Until you step out-of-doors;
Best wear knee pads, elbow pads, and more;
Or just live in a bubble all day.

I don’t worry at all about you dear sister,
Not in slightest, can’t you tell?
I know you’ll survive every blister;
Watch out for the floors, doors, and walls!

Be careful of your dear husband also,
I’m afraid he’s caught the disease;
It shouldn’t be a big deal, although;
But you both should get a vaccine.

Together you are so beautifully in love,
Love I can only wait patiently for.
But seeing you now, I suppose I’m in luck;
I’d be dead if I had luck to match yours.

But enough about all this terrible stuff;
I’ll let you enjoy one another.
I pray God will always provide you with enough;
And that you only visit the hospital together.

I will miss you, my little sister,
My close friend for many years.
You sarcasm, smile, and laughter;
Have brought me joy in place of tears.

I know you’ll be happy in life when you leave;
When you say goodbye, and go with that boy.
I’ll be losing a part of me, my voice for story,
I guess I’ll have to find a different voice.

This rhyme has been silly, but some of it serious;
And I hope you can see which is which.
Know that I love you (yes I’m fully conscious),
I’m your brother, so deal with it.

😉 – Love you Sis. Congratulations on the engagement.

Sunshine Blue

Sunshine Blue

As I ride the sky through the water so deep,
Past mountains, clouds, and submarines;
I think of the friends who help me to fly,
Through the storms, wakes, and rapids of life.
I fly through the air without a care,
My wings, the oars, help me to soar;
Not on my own, lest I should fall,
Together, we row and paddle ’til dawn.
To the horizon we travel, so far,
Not knowing the way, “Maps are too hard”;
Round bends and streams and islands we go,
Through tunnels and portals we continue to row!
We were almost there, or so it would seem,
‘Til the Whoshliverbeliner started to scream…
Oh how it thundered, so deep and loud;
With ripples in the sky, it shook every mount.
We barely survived, the craft started to sink!
“Full power ahead!” The captain did speak;
So we pushed through that gargantuous storm,
Made it across, and shortly fled home.
Now I sit here, thinking back on the days,
Of friends, adventures, and many tall tales;
The sun starts to set, dusk draws near;
Sleep starts to take me, another quest for me there…