A Little Bit of Humor

Since my younger sister (Talia) is getting married soon, I’m claiming the right (as her older brother) to tell all manner of embarrassing stories about her. Don’t worry Sis, they won’t be too embarrassing. I may only tell one or two, because they do get sort of repetitive.

My younger sister, and the next sister down from her (Gabi), shared a bed when we moved to Wasilla. One night, Mom heard a bunch of banging on the wall coming from their room. She went all the way downstairs and opens the door to their room; what she finds is pretty funny. Gabi is sleeping peacefully on the bed, with most of the blankets wrapped around her. Talia, on the other hand, is pinned in-between the bed and the wall, with her face buried in sheets and pillows, banging on the wall and completely stuck in the crevice! After a few moments, Gabi starts laughing (she had been pretending to sleep) and they help Talia out of the crack. Gabi had pushed Talia off the side of the bed as a joke because neither of them wanted to share blankets and pillows.

Love my sisters, they make me laugh.