Weekly What – Week 12

And here is the other riddle! Again, this is a referential riddle. If you understand the reference, the riddle is trivial to solve.

Seed of iron in the ground, 
Cast by hearts of evil ice, 
Grows with speed at the sound 
Of songs of Lion’s new life.

Gleaming light in the night, 
A strange and wonderful world, 
Shine forth into snowy white, 
As a beacon to sails unfurled.

Creatures of the dark
Walk under the starry sky.
Only landmark seen afar
Is the spot where you shine.

Weekly What? Week 6

Hello! Finals have been a real killer, but they are finally winding down (no pun intended). I thought up this riddle this evening and figured I would let you take a stab at it! It was not what I intended for this week’s “Weekly What?”, but it will do. Solve this riddle! Who is “You?”

Caught betwixt sunlight, starlight;
The beauty quietly awaits.
A glimmering, shimmering sight;
Always, too soon, you abate.

The end of one, another long turn.
Moonlight spins a tale.
Dreams drift hazily in nocturnes
As you, across empyreal, sail.

Once departed, Dawn of night,
Sleep sings, softly lulls.
Return on morning’s eventide:
You, most beautiful of all.

Rain Clouds

The clouds move in, so dark and black;
And thunder rolls and lightning flashed.
With fearful eyes and quivering hearts,
We watched the light and dark sides clash.

We cannot know the mystery;
There are things that go unseen.
A battle between good and evil
Is happening behind the scenes.

Rain pours on to the hard blacktop;
Mists rise up to high treetops.
Torrential water falls from above,
As shadows shed their loads, thousands of drops.

The battle continues for a short while,
Until the payloads of ammo are empty
Shadows are scattered across the sky
As the clouds break, revealing the light.

Light wins again, but that’s no surprise:
God is creator, the great Lord of life.
Victory is His, there is no contest;
Shadows for a season, but then ends all strife.

Riddle #5

Did you solve this riddle of mine?
Will you solve it in the nick of time?
Do you want some seeing light?
Would some rest refresh your mind?
Does the maze repeat a sight?
Were you desperate for a place to hide?
Dreadful minotaur hunting your life?
Would you like a ball of twine?
Dearest, use my gift tonight?
Aren’t you tired of these rhymes?

I’m not dead if anyone is wondering. School is school. College tends to take it out of you, but also infuse you with inspiration to do more with your time. As I’ve said before, we only have so many moments to live, we need to spend them wisely. I’ve been falling out of my good habits, which is dangerous. You’ve got to build good habits; keeping them is equally and crucially important! Anyways, have fun with this riddle. They really are a good mental exercise for me.

Riddle #4

She sleeps so fair,
And only God can wake her.
Almost everywhere,
Except where shadows linger.

Once, maybe twice,
As she rises and sets;
Sleeping, doth rise,
Awake, she goes to bed.

Bright and cheery,
She starts her day in light;
Red and misty,
She leaves in red, gold, sight.

I’m sorry it’s been so long. As school progresses, it may get much worse. Also, I am starting to save up for a camera again, so I can start photographing some adventures for you.


When the lights fade to darkness…
When all the white is black…
When hopes are found not boundless…
And all your dreams fall flat…

When the sun falls into the west…
When the day turns into the night…
When every good thing is less…
And your will is losing might…

When the waters dry up in drought…
When the flood water comes by surprise…
When pain surpasses every mount’…
And in the deepest pit you die…

When despair is found all around…
When there seems no end in sight…
Even in the darkest shrouds,
There is still faith in Jesus Christ.

A quick note for the reader here! I’m a Christian. There have been times in my life (and no doubt will be again) when I feel worthless, low, and in pain so great I don’t think I can bear it… But I make it through! How? By looking the only direction I can in a pit of misery, up. The Holy Spirit lives in me and works in my life. The light that is in me is a light that no amount of darkness can ever overcome. Darkness will never overcome light because darkness is the absence of light. There will always be light, and the darkness will always flee from it. My light will never be completely extinguished, no matter how much pain, misery, and darkness surrounds me. I am a light to others. Even if I’m not very bright (pun intended), I may still help others see where they’re going. I try to shed light on their path and help them find their way.

And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not. John 1:5 (KJV)

Lights in the Dark

Shining lights in deepest dark.

Shining lights in deepest dark.

We all need a light,
To find our way;
We all need a friend,
That never sways.

A bright, brilliant star,
In the twilight sky;
A warm, burning torch,
For the caves of life.

Find those good friends,
Genuine and true;
Those friends will stay,
Forever with you.

Friends are, first, strangers,
That do not depart;
Strangers become friends,
Who stay in your heart.

Even in the depths,
Darkest and deepest;
God sends us some light,
A friend to keep us.

Their encouraging shine,
You lovingly know;
It spreads to others,
As you now glow!

A beautiful flame,
Your friend is to you;
Caring and warm,
A friend forever true.

I will be that comrade,
That will never leave;
Through trials and times,
Though hopeless they seem.

The light of encouragement makes other glow with that same encouragement.

The light of encouragement makes other glow with that same encouragement.

Look around at everyone,
Find those who are true;
They will not be far away,
And when you need them, they’ll find you.