Things happen in life. Let me rephrase that: things happen in life both gradually and all at once. It’s been a long time since I’ve posted on here; is been a long time since I’ve really had time (I still don’t, really). There was some combination of events, circumstances, and interactions that struck a note deep in my mind… It was like hearing a melody you have not heard since childhood; like the smell that haunts your memory of one of your old haunts; it was like seeing an old picture, and remembering everything like it happened today… So, without further ado, here is a poem that tells the truth:

A Note was Struck 

A note was struck
Deep in my heart:
A beautiful sound;
A distant spark.

The note rang forth
In the depths of my mind,
Shaking the dust
Off my dusty old rhymes.

The gears did start
Their clunking again;
Each cog a part
That will portend.

Belts and pulleys
All spin and race
As ash and steam

A pipe explodes!
The metal grates!
What once was cold
Is now ablaze!

No stopping now,
This steampunk mind;
The engine growls
With life and light.

Idley it sat
For far too long;
Cranked up at
The tune of a song!

A smell, a taste,
A sound and place:
Life and faith!

With Christ in front,
Though danger’s about,
The ride is rough,
But faith resounds.

Nostalgic Melody

Hello everyone. Ever hear a piece of a tune and have it haunt your memories for days on end because it’s stuck in your mind and you don’t know what it is? That’s about where I’m at. This time though, I was able to track down the original tune!
This particular tune instantly sent my mind back in time. I can’t remember anything specific, but I do remember the feeling. It’s the feeling of sitting on your front porch in the shade on a hot day, listening to the wind and just relaxing and feeling blissfully free from all worries… A wonderful feeling!
You’re probably wondering, “what tune?” It’s one that isn’t too old, but obscure enough that youngsters won’t recognize it. It’s called “Rainbow Connection”, sung by Kermit the Frog. A simple tune that drags me into the days I’ve long since forgotten. I hope everyone finds a tune that does this to them!

You might also be wishing for the answer to Riddle #5. The answer is “Clue.” it might seem obscure, but you gotta do a little research. The minotaur and string is a big hint.

Old, Forgotten Writings


I love finding things I’ve written or created a long time ago, some of them even amaze me! This log was a sort of joke for some friends when I took care of their house while they were gone. This picture is just off the front, I’ll transcribe the rest for you to see soon. It’s short, and a little cryptic, so I’ll try to explain it if I can remember what things mean.

P.S. – Riddle #3 answer was “map”, but if you had something else, let me know.

Fog of the Day’s End

The fog rolls in; a dreary, dark mist.
Distant objects fade, soon to be missed.

When from this life, we wander away,
Our memory’s left behind that day.

Who will remember our own sacrifice?
What stories will be told of our life?

Honor, glory, faith, and good things?
Or evil, ugly, and awful tidings?

Will your life pass away, into the mist?
Or be like a fog light nobody can miss?

I know not what you would choose yourself;
But I know, myself, I’d want to help.

Living a life that wants naught, nor glory,
But directs ever heart towards Christ’s story.

To be a light that cuts through the fog;
Even in death, a lighthouse to lost.

So who will remember you on your day,
When, from this life, you fade away?

The fog rolls in; a dreary, dark mist.
When this days ends, will it be missed?

Photo Memory

Memories of a bygone era...

Memories of a bygone era…

Times long since forgotten,
Now, are remembered;
In forests, begotten,
I, again, have wandered.

More memories are seen,
The deeper I go;
The light doesn’t gleam,
But glimmers and glows.

Sunshine from above,
Peaks through the leaves;
Some times I love,
Others are too dreary.

I recognize old landmarks,
And see the pathways there;
Travels there, we did embark,
Dependent on each other.

Someday, I will tell these tales,
Of every perilous moment;
Times of victory or of failure,
Each, a memorable monument.

So many memories,
Stored up in my heart;
Memories so distant,
I weep as I depart.

I emerge from the forest,
Shaken and tired;
With sorrow and joyfulness,
To my home I retire.

God gave us these moments,
So precious and so few;
I cherish these fragments,
These snapshots, and these moments with you.

Precious Memories



Let me first explain this odd picture before I give you the poem. At first glance, it’s a messy dining room… That’s because it is a messy dining room. Although I can’t pin down exactly what it is about this picture, but it reminds me of summer. More than just summer though, this picture reminds me of my favorite, glowing, warm moments with friends and family. The warm sunshine and the messiness give it the feel of mid-summer, when everyone is busy.

It also has a lonely feel to it. An abandoned house, somewhat melancholy. It is a peaceful and endearing picture that stirs up the precious memories of every wonderful moment. Every precious moment: those, I will never forget.

Sunlight shines through the window pane,
On this glorious mid-summer’s day.
I sit in the shade, out of heat’s way,
And ponder the memories we’ve made.

Observe the paths we traveled then,
To places we never had been.
The good, the bad, the tumble-dee-dum;
We enjoyed the pleasure of friends.

Memories fade into the past,
They pass away entirely too fast.
Quiet, lonely, lost are the laughs,
That made every moment a blast.

Longing, I remember the sunny warmth;
Days of hope, days of comfort.
Then I remember that I’m still on earth;
There is still time for sunshine and mirth.

Lonely I stand, taking in this scene;
Sunny, warm, peaceful and serene.
But not alone, not as it may seem;
For friendships are, forever, a living, breathing, precious memory.