Raining Sunshine

Sometimes, sadness and happiness come at the same time, like when it's sunny and raining!

Sometimes, sadness and happiness come at the same time, like when it’s sunny and raining!

Drops fall down, down from above;
Each shines bright, as bright as the sun.
Even in sadness, sadness with tears;
Joy can be found, found without fear.

Droplets of dew, dew on the grass;
Each, a tiny lens, a lens made of glass.
Our eyes cannot see, see every blessing,
We see only us, and besides us, nothing.

Sunlight hits each, each a small star,
Illumined to brilliance, brightness seen afar.
Christ gives us light, and sight to see;
He is the source, the source of eternity.

So let the sun show, show its bright light;
To the lost world, a world without light.
We are the drops, the drops of sunshine;
To light up the world, the world for Christ.

Leaves of a Golden Pathway

Leaves of Gold

On a walk through sunny shade,
The wind whispers gently through the trees;
The path before, like lemonade,
Yellow, golden, fallen autumn leaves.

Even in these quiet times;
There are changes so uncertain;
Yet God still gives us sunshine.
The clouds of doubt are now broken.

Once the leaves from trees have all fallen,
To the floor of the forest so far;
Once they darken, and their gold is stolen,
How barren the birch trees now are.

The leaves will grow back after a season,
Even though the trees appear dead.
Just so, every scar, bruise, and grievance,
Will heal after time trods ahead.

Take heart, have faith, seek Christ right now;
Though now may seem so sorrowful.
Time will tell what, when, and how;
The spring will bring something wonderful.

And so I find comfort, on a walk,
Through the shadows of today;
I thank God, for the lessons I’m taught;
As I walk on a golden pathway.

A Golden Pathway Through the Forest

A Golden Pathway Through the Forest

Lament for My Sister

Alas! My dear young sister;
Your fate has been sealed!
Your vitality will disappear,
Your mind will congeal.

Your eyes sparkle, your cheeks glow;
Yet you see not the danger.
Little sister, you do not yet know;
But I think you’re getting sicker.

You’ve been infected with a terrible disease,
The heart thumps, and the knees go;
Vision will be next, and you won’t even see trees!
Not that you could before though…

You wander about, all in a daze,
Like a lost penguin in the middle of town.
People stop, you catch their gaze;
It’s hard not see you floating off the ground!

Soon you’ll be taken far away,
To a mental institution I would think;
The doctor, from what they say,
Sounds like a perfect match for thee.

Together you two will be perfectly safe,
Until you step out-of-doors;
Best wear knee pads, elbow pads, and more;
Or just live in a bubble all day.

I don’t worry at all about you dear sister,
Not in slightest, can’t you tell?
I know you’ll survive every blister;
Watch out for the floors, doors, and walls!

Be careful of your dear husband also,
I’m afraid he’s caught the disease;
It shouldn’t be a big deal, although;
But you both should get a vaccine.

Together you are so beautifully in love,
Love I can only wait patiently for.
But seeing you now, I suppose I’m in luck;
I’d be dead if I had luck to match yours.

But enough about all this terrible stuff;
I’ll let you enjoy one another.
I pray God will always provide you with enough;
And that you only visit the hospital together.

I will miss you, my little sister,
My close friend for many years.
You sarcasm, smile, and laughter;
Have brought me joy in place of tears.

I know you’ll be happy in life when you leave;
When you say goodbye, and go with that boy.
I’ll be losing a part of me, my voice for story,
I guess I’ll have to find a different voice.

This rhyme has been silly, but some of it serious;
And I hope you can see which is which.
Know that I love you (yes I’m fully conscious),
I’m your brother, so deal with it.

😉 – Love you Sis. Congratulations on the engagement.

Wandering in the Sky

Wandering in the Sky

The day was gloomy,
My heart, distraught;
It seems that’s the norm,
like it, or not.

Every smile is a frown,
No matter how pleasant;
The world’s upside-down,
An unpleasant fragrance.

I step outside to walk around,
From one place to another;
The sun hits me, hot and round;
I look up in awestruck wonder.

A sky of ocean blue,
The paths of snowy white;
My thoughts have been subdued,
And doom doth run in fright.

Though my heart is hurting,
My thoughts, all a mess;
God is faithful, never-changing,
Every day He does bless.

Look up when your heart is down,
Find the path of light;
Jesus Christ will, low, bend down,
Take your hand, and lead you right.

Our failures will always disappoint,
Every blunder, goof-up, and mistake;
We make them often, fall down hard,
That’s when, Christ’s hand, we take.

As I look at the clouds in the air,
The beautiful, brilliant sunshine;
I realize God made a path for me there,
To wander in the sky.

A Good Friend

A good friend is always there,
In one way or another.
They’re always full of love and care,
No matter how distant the other.

A good friend gives it to you straight,
When it’s the last thing you want to hear;
Because, they know, without a doubt,
You’ll thank them for it later.

A good friend is faithful,
Strong, and true;
Loving, caring,
And hoping for you.

A good friend is yours,
‘Til the day that they die;
Through hardship, through darkness;
Through every awful time.

A good friend is encouragement,
Of that, the best kind;
The kind that’ll never stop,
Not as long as I’m alive.

A good friend makes you smile,
When tears, so many, fall;
They bring a laugh back to life,
So they can share their all.

A good friend says goodnight,
Good day, but never a goodbye;
For parting ways is a solemn plight,
See you later, anticipates surprise.

A good friend is what you need,
No matter who you are;
I’ve got a few, and you do too,
So smile wherever you are.

A good friend will always be there,
After time too long to measure;
Ready, as always, to be a pair,
With a good friend, a great friend… forever.

Adventure Planet

Adventure Planet

Many days ago, I looked in the distance.
And saw a great mountain, and promised to climb it.
Across deserts and hills, streams and mountains;
‘Til I reached that peak, of so great a foundation.
The trials and hardship, of every step foward,
Great sorrow and anguish, when I backslid down further.
Running, walking, hiking, and climbing;
On all fours, I continued crawling.
Onward I pushed, for I knew the reward;
Of enduring to the end, the end of this world.
Life is an adventure, unknown and exciting;
Every day a surprise, God’s will He’s unveiling.
I struggled and pushed, past sweat and blood;
Every inch of pain, every minute so far.
I would not have made it far, without the Lord’s hand;
He gave a Comforter, and he gave me some friends.
Friends so faithful, loving and kind;
My fellow comrades, ’til the day that I die!
We made it at last, to the top of the peak;
overlooking the sands, some hills, and some streams.
In glory we meet our loving Creator;
Who died, and rose, and became our dear Savior.
This dream I do have, is in the near future;
It feels so real at the end of this adventure.
I look all around, at my friends and family;
And think of the adventure, that is only just beginning…

Colorful Faces

Some people have very colorful personalities.

Some people have very colorful personalities.

As we race through life, doing what we can,

We fail to slow down, to see God’s hand.

The world around us is full of odd sights,

But the best are here, right in front of our eyes.

The best of creation, the most beautiful sight,

Is the face of a person, the face of a child.

Nothing can add to it’s lovely design,

Not makeup, nor rainbows, not even sunshine.