Rain Clouds

The clouds move in, so dark and black;
And thunder rolls and lightning flashed.
With fearful eyes and quivering hearts,
We watched the light and dark sides clash.

We cannot know the mystery;
There are things that go unseen.
A battle between good and evil
Is happening behind the scenes.

Rain pours on to the hard blacktop;
Mists rise up to high treetops.
Torrential water falls from above,
As shadows shed their loads, thousands of drops.

The battle continues for a short while,
Until the payloads of ammo are empty
Shadows are scattered across the sky
As the clouds break, revealing the light.

Light wins again, but that’s no surprise:
God is creator, the great Lord of life.
Victory is His, there is no contest;
Shadows for a season, but then ends all strife.

Flip-Flop Day

I dream of this day that’s done, 
The start and the end. 
From morning to evening, 
From dusk until dawn.

Clouds filled the sky up high, 
Wind caused a chill. 
But in my beating heart, 
Love warmed me still.

The fires burn so bright, 
From day until night. 
Where is the guiding light, 
In this fight for life?

Smoke fills the sky, 
Time travels by, 
And though I’m just passing by, 
I still feel the sigh.

Rain falls this morning, 
Flames start to die. 
But my heart is beating 
Deep down inside.

Afternoon, then evening, 
Clouds start to part;
Sunshine starts falling, 
The rain has all stopped.

The heat beats us down;
Sweat pours down my brow. 
But in this scorching town, 
My love still stays sound.

Through the ups and downs, 
Around bends, through doors;
The constant that keeps me strong:
My Savior, Christ the Lord.

He is my strength, 
Never giving in. 
Darling, I’ll go the length, 
Just know I trust in Him.

Little Wonders

Every little drop of rain is full of wonders.

Every little drop of rain is full of wonders.

Sometimes, we get so caught up in the sorrow, anger, and negative things in life, that we miss some of the most precious moments. I do not want to miss any one of those precious moments, and I do not want anyone else to miss those moments. I want to be the kind of person that, when you’re going through tough times, makes you stop, step back, and notice those precious, small, “little wonders.” Like a child that is kind, trusting, faithful, small, and precious, the moments can pass us by without us even noticing.

I believe that God uses many of these tiny pockets of touching moments to change us, work in us, and use us to accomplish His will and bring Him glory. It is when we get hung up and fixated on ourselves that we miss these defining opportunities of life. How many of these moments and “little wonders” have you let slip by because you were too busy or distracted by everything else? How many times do you think you could have provided one of the “little wonders,” but didn’t?

Matthew 13:31-32 is a parable of Jesus Christ about how the tiny mustard seed grows exponentially more when compared to other seeds. The kingdom of heaven is like that, starting as a small “seed” in a person, and growing and branching out to more people until the number of people saved that make up the kingdom of heaven is innumerable. How are those little moments ever going to be productive if we never notice them? Take a moment out of every day to just stop, step back, and see if you have missed any of these opportunities before they are gone.

Say a prayer and ask God for the peace and mindset to be able to notice these moments, and for the initiative to act on those special opportunities.

Rain on the Window Pane

I lay in bed and hear refrains,
Of raindrops hitting the window pane.
Phantom noises playing games,
Drops of sweat, tears, and pain.

The sun lay low so far away,
Night ‘ere waits for break of day.
Shadows full of mean, cold rain,
That fell before, and continue today.

Darkness sits outside this place,
There it waits for unlucky prey.
With every evil eagerly in wait,
I hope in Jesus Christ and pray.

Drip… Drip… Drip…

A bit of humor here. Save it for a rainy day.

A drop falls quick,
It hits the ground,
A splash it makes,
A lovely sound.

The Rain falls down.
In constant beat,
they all resound.

I start to sleep,
Then jolt awake.
The sound of rain,
That hits the grate.

A walk outside,
Turns to a sprint,
When ocean’s tide,
The sky did rent.

Under a roof,
I sit inside,
Watching clouds loose,
Their great surprise.

When will it end?
Only God knows.
The Weatherman said,
“Sunny inferno!”

Raining Sunshine

Sometimes, sadness and happiness come at the same time, like when it's sunny and raining!

Sometimes, sadness and happiness come at the same time, like when it’s sunny and raining!

Drops fall down, down from above;
Each shines bright, as bright as the sun.
Even in sadness, sadness with tears;
Joy can be found, found without fear.

Droplets of dew, dew on the grass;
Each, a tiny lens, a lens made of glass.
Our eyes cannot see, see every blessing,
We see only us, and besides us, nothing.

Sunlight hits each, each a small star,
Illumined to brilliance, brightness seen afar.
Christ gives us light, and sight to see;
He is the source, the source of eternity.

So let the sun show, show its bright light;
To the lost world, a world without light.
We are the drops, the drops of sunshine;
To light up the world, the world for Christ.