Who makes the clown smile,
When his smile is gone?
Who brings the heart joy,
When the heart desponds?
Who will give direction,
To the weary and lost?
Who will love, forever,
The soul of wanderlust?

Who makes the shadow,
Of things that are seen?
Who makes the birds fly,
On invisible wings?
Who gives me sight,
To see everything?
Who gives us life,
By infinite suffering?

Do you have the eyes to see who it is?
Are you so blinded by all of earth’s gifts?
Deaf to the sounds not heard on earth?
Dead to the touch of angelic mirth?

So wise and so foolish about nothing at all;
A top-notch professor who stands up to fall.
Genius or idiot, I’m still not quite sure;
Give me a few minutes to ponder the squall.

Thunder clashes, winds howl, and day doth frown;
Take all day long to decide: up or down.
With only one second over infinite to spare,
He makes his choice… Who really cares?

Only one cares for the whole world at once;
Only one loves you and pays on a cross.
Only one dies and lives in eternity;
Do you know who he is, oh blind Visionary?


I stand all alone,
In silence and sorrow;
In bitter, dark cold,
I wait for tomorrow.

Never do I move,
Not now, nor evermore;
Night’s rest does not sooth;
No. Darkness I deplore.

Knowing soon I’ll die,
Keenly watching, waiting;
Keeping track of time,
Kevlar can’t protect me.

Solemnly I see,
Spring and summer coming;
Snow will start to flee,
So my life starts melting.

Poems and riddles are actually very similar once you think about it. The symbolism and meaning in a poem can relate ideas about things in ways we may not think of. I appreciate the inherent structure in poetry; it forces a limitation of imagination and creativity into a mold that helps to make the ideas coherent and intelligible. You do not need to explicitly declare what you are talking about in poetry, which can make it a riddle.

There, that’s my two cents about poetry.


“For his anger endureth but a moment; in his favour is life: weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.”
Psalm 30:5 (KJV)

The last line is what really caught my attention. It is a nugget that should be taken in the context of the whole, but it is also a timeless truth. For those who are Christ’s, those sealed with the Holy Spirit, our sadness and sorrow can only last for so long. Even if our sorrow lasts to the end of our life, our joy will last forever!

Sleep fixes a lot of things, but one thing that it always seems to do is reset a person back to default. You might only be “reset” for a few minutes until you remember your current plight, but God-given sleep is a rest that does more than just rest our bodies. Our minds, our souls, and our hearts are all given rest when we sleep. Thank God for sleep.

Raining Sunshine

Sometimes, sadness and happiness come at the same time, like when it's sunny and raining!

Sometimes, sadness and happiness come at the same time, like when it’s sunny and raining!

Drops fall down, down from above;
Each shines bright, as bright as the sun.
Even in sadness, sadness with tears;
Joy can be found, found without fear.

Droplets of dew, dew on the grass;
Each, a tiny lens, a lens made of glass.
Our eyes cannot see, see every blessing,
We see only us, and besides us, nothing.

Sunlight hits each, each a small star,
Illumined to brilliance, brightness seen afar.
Christ gives us light, and sight to see;
He is the source, the source of eternity.

So let the sun show, show its bright light;
To the lost world, a world without light.
We are the drops, the drops of sunshine;
To light up the world, the world for Christ.