Riddle #4

She sleeps so fair,
And only God can wake her.
Almost everywhere,
Except where shadows linger.

Once, maybe twice,
As she rises and sets;
Sleeping, doth rise,
Awake, she goes to bed.

Bright and cheery,
She starts her day in light;
Red and misty,
She leaves in red, gold, sight.

I’m sorry it’s been so long. As school progresses, it may get much worse. Also, I am starting to save up for a camera again, so I can start photographing some adventures for you.

Drifting Away

My eyelids flutter as I resist
The urge and want to sleep.
The night time calls and does not desist;
My thoughts start to merge with dreams.

I wander down a narrow path
That has no seeming end.
A ship with sails of the past
Passed me like a friend.

A rope was lowered down the side
For me to grab I supposed.
I took hold and was drawn up right
To the deck of who knows.

There was no crew or captain there,
On that great and dreamy ship.
It took me far from anywhere,
To a place where memories fled.

As the breeze filled the sails with
Hopes and wishes and dreams,
I laughed and cried and felt bereft
As they floated away from me.

The ship took me places I’d never been
Where even my imagination gaped.
My heart beat fast at what was seen,
Extremes of both love and hate.

Oh roller coaster ride of my life,
Stop at once. I beg you, have mercy.
Tired, frail, and broken am I;
So please, take me back in a hurry.

The ship does not alter its course or route
One second of a single degree.
How do I end this nightmare right now
And put an end to this, my suffering?

A bright light blinds me in my fears
As the ship is suddenly gone!
I found that, on the path, I appeared;
So thankful that it was done.

As my dreams and thoughts divide,
My eyes open to day,
I thank Christ for saving my life
When I was drifting away.



A midnight sun sits above the mountains overlooking the MatSu Valley.

Gently I drift away on a dream,
To sounds of the wind, rivers, and streams.

Reclining in clouds of cotton and fabric,
I hide under mountains, in caves of blankets.

Darkness comes from the east afar,
And brings the twitterlight of the stars.

By stars, this ship, I will navigate to meet
The one that I love, wherever she be.

This ship I board to that distant land,
My life I will leave, ’til morning again.


“For his anger endureth but a moment; in his favour is life: weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.”
Psalm 30:5 (KJV)

The last line is what really caught my attention. It is a nugget that should be taken in the context of the whole, but it is also a timeless truth. For those who are Christ’s, those sealed with the Holy Spirit, our sadness and sorrow can only last for so long. Even if our sorrow lasts to the end of our life, our joy will last forever!

Sleep fixes a lot of things, but one thing that it always seems to do is reset a person back to default. You might only be “reset” for a few minutes until you remember your current plight, but God-given sleep is a rest that does more than just rest our bodies. Our minds, our souls, and our hearts are all given rest when we sleep. Thank God for sleep.