Summer in Alaska

Summer hike... Alaska style...

Summer hike… Alaska style…

There’s nothing like going for a hike in the summer! Of course, if you go hiking in Alaska, be careful that you don’t go to the wrong place and end up waist deep in snow.

Tread, the Littlest Snowman

We made a snowman named “Tread.” A chipper little fellow!

Tread the Dead Littlest Snowman

Unfortunately… Tread didn’t last long.

The Mourning of Tread

We mourned his passing…

Tread the Great:
A snowman of wonder!
Faced the fate
Of snowmen in summer.

On a hike
In a seeming winter,
Tread did die
By the heat of summer!

Oh Tread! You blockhead!
Why didn’t you listen?!
Oh Tread! Now you’re dead!
Just water on pavement.

So Tread left this world,
An inspiration to all…
To put more salt on the road,
So you won’t slip and fall.


I stand all alone,
In silence and sorrow;
In bitter, dark cold,
I wait for tomorrow.

Never do I move,
Not now, nor evermore;
Night’s rest does not sooth;
No. Darkness I deplore.

Knowing soon I’ll die,
Keenly watching, waiting;
Keeping track of time,
Kevlar can’t protect me.

Solemnly I see,
Spring and summer coming;
Snow will start to flee,
So my life starts melting.

Poems and riddles are actually very similar once you think about it. The symbolism and meaning in a poem can relate ideas about things in ways we may not think of. I appreciate the inherent structure in poetry; it forces a limitation of imagination and creativity into a mold that helps to make the ideas coherent and intelligible. You do not need to explicitly declare what you are talking about in poetry, which can make it a riddle.

There, that’s my two cents about poetry.