Weekly What? – Week 4

Sorry, again, for how late this is! I’ll try to work ahead for the finals weeks that are coming up at college. You can find the answer to last week’s in the comments.

Here you go:

The beginning has no end;
Nor the end, a beginning.
He does not break, but may bend;
He’s as strong as concrete pilings.

I am eaten by his mouth,
And spat out by his other.
His is sloppy, quite uncouth;
Into jaws of dark, wet, usher.

Tune in next week for another riddle!


A Good Friend

A good friend is always there,
In one way or another.
They’re always full of love and care,
No matter how distant the other.

A good friend gives it to you straight,
When it’s the last thing you want to hear;
Because, they know, without a doubt,
You’ll thank them for it later.

A good friend is faithful,
Strong, and true;
Loving, caring,
And hoping for you.

A good friend is yours,
‘Til the day that they die;
Through hardship, through darkness;
Through every awful time.

A good friend is encouragement,
Of that, the best kind;
The kind that’ll never stop,
Not as long as I’m alive.

A good friend makes you smile,
When tears, so many, fall;
They bring a laugh back to life,
So they can share their all.

A good friend says goodnight,
Good day, but never a goodbye;
For parting ways is a solemn plight,
See you later, anticipates surprise.

A good friend is what you need,
No matter who you are;
I’ve got a few, and you do too,
So smile wherever you are.

A good friend will always be there,
After time too long to measure;
Ready, as always, to be a pair,
With a good friend, a great friend… forever.