Riddle #7

I realize it’s been a long time since I’ve posted riddles, so I figured I would write a couple so you knew I was at least alive. College sort of sucks the creativity out of me, mostly because I lose all the time necessary to imagine and think. Anyways, here is a riddle to solve. I’ll post the answer in the following post’s comments.

Others help me to my feet,
After I’ve been fast asleep;
Dreaming of the life I lead:
A hollow, empty, awful dream.

Against my will my movements creep
Across the floor, in dungeons deep.
I raise my hand; I want to weep,
Because my life is yours to keep.

Like spider-webs that stick to me
And make me live inside this scene,
So do you force my begging plea:
Let me go, and so, be free.


Hey everyone. So it’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog. What can I say? Life happens. I have decided that there are priorities in my life that make a 365 project impractical. I have learned for next time though. I also have an idea for what I want to do for next time.

As for my photography, even that has been lacking. I’m going to try to get things posted, but I’m doing a half-marathon, along with working full time, and just general business is all going to limit my time.

Gotta focus on the task at hand, like a bumblebee! Took this one out in the garden earlier.


Humble Bumblebee

Sonic Summertime


Midnight hike + dinner at 1:30am? Awesome.

The lack of updates has been due to a tremendous number of adventures I have been having over the past few weeks. I finally have some pictures, so I’ll start posting some of my crazy summer adventures! In the meantime, here’s a riddle:

Today, I am me;
Tomorrow, the same:
Absolutely carefree;
Same smile, same name.

Fly with me now,
Wherever you are;
No crying or frowns;
Any place, near or far.

Time marches on,
Now I’m alone;
Soon more will come,
The past I bemoan.

Let me stay here,
Forever with friends;
Changes I fear;
Grey hairs I dread.