A Little Bit of Humor

Since my younger sister (Talia) is getting married soon, I’m claiming the right (as her older brother) to tell all manner of embarrassing stories about her. Don’t worry Sis, they won’t be too embarrassing. I may only tell one or two, because they do get sort of repetitive.

My younger sister, and the next sister down from her (Gabi), shared a bed when we moved to Wasilla. One night, Mom heard a bunch of banging on the wall coming from their room. She went all the way downstairs and opens the door to their room; what she finds is pretty funny. Gabi is sleeping peacefully on the bed, with most of the blankets wrapped around her. Talia, on the other hand, is pinned in-between the bed and the wall, with her face buried in sheets and pillows, banging on the wall and completely stuck in the crevice! After a few moments, Gabi starts laughing (she had been pretending to sleep) and they help Talia out of the crack. Gabi had pushed Talia off the side of the bed as a joke because neither of them wanted to share blankets and pillows.

Love my sisters, they make me laugh.

Leaves of a Golden Pathway

Leaves of Gold

On a walk through sunny shade,
The wind whispers gently through the trees;
The path before, like lemonade,
Yellow, golden, fallen autumn leaves.

Even in these quiet times;
There are changes so uncertain;
Yet God still gives us sunshine.
The clouds of doubt are now broken.

Once the leaves from trees have all fallen,
To the floor of the forest so far;
Once they darken, and their gold is stolen,
How barren the birch trees now are.

The leaves will grow back after a season,
Even though the trees appear dead.
Just so, every scar, bruise, and grievance,
Will heal after time trods ahead.

Take heart, have faith, seek Christ right now;
Though now may seem so sorrowful.
Time will tell what, when, and how;
The spring will bring something wonderful.

And so I find comfort, on a walk,
Through the shadows of today;
I thank God, for the lessons I’m taught;
As I walk on a golden pathway.

A Golden Pathway Through the Forest

A Golden Pathway Through the Forest

Wandering in the Sky

Wandering in the Sky

The day was gloomy,
My heart, distraught;
It seems that’s the norm,
like it, or not.

Every smile is a frown,
No matter how pleasant;
The world’s upside-down,
An unpleasant fragrance.

I step outside to walk around,
From one place to another;
The sun hits me, hot and round;
I look up in awestruck wonder.

A sky of ocean blue,
The paths of snowy white;
My thoughts have been subdued,
And doom doth run in fright.

Though my heart is hurting,
My thoughts, all a mess;
God is faithful, never-changing,
Every day He does bless.

Look up when your heart is down,
Find the path of light;
Jesus Christ will, low, bend down,
Take your hand, and lead you right.

Our failures will always disappoint,
Every blunder, goof-up, and mistake;
We make them often, fall down hard,
That’s when, Christ’s hand, we take.

As I look at the clouds in the air,
The beautiful, brilliant sunshine;
I realize God made a path for me there,
To wander in the sky.

Sunshine Blue

Sunshine Blue

As I ride the sky through the water so deep,
Past mountains, clouds, and submarines;
I think of the friends who help me to fly,
Through the storms, wakes, and rapids of life.
I fly through the air without a care,
My wings, the oars, help me to soar;
Not on my own, lest I should fall,
Together, we row and paddle ’til dawn.
To the horizon we travel, so far,
Not knowing the way, “Maps are too hard”;
Round bends and streams and islands we go,
Through tunnels and portals we continue to row!
We were almost there, or so it would seem,
‘Til the Whoshliverbeliner started to scream…
Oh how it thundered, so deep and loud;
With ripples in the sky, it shook every mount.
We barely survived, the craft started to sink!
“Full power ahead!” The captain did speak;
So we pushed through that gargantuous storm,
Made it across, and shortly fled home.
Now I sit here, thinking back on the days,
Of friends, adventures, and many tall tales;
The sun starts to set, dusk draws near;
Sleep starts to take me, another quest for me there…