Photo 365 Challenge: Day 39


Picture of a picture...

Mars Water


Sunshine Blue

Sunshine Blue

As I ride the sky through the water so deep,
Past mountains, clouds, and submarines;
I think of the friends who help me to fly,
Through the storms, wakes, and rapids of life.
I fly through the air without a care,
My wings, the oars, help me to soar;
Not on my own, lest I should fall,
Together, we row and paddle ’til dawn.
To the horizon we travel, so far,
Not knowing the way, “Maps are too hard”;
Round bends and streams and islands we go,
Through tunnels and portals we continue to row!
We were almost there, or so it would seem,
‘Til the Whoshliverbeliner started to scream…
Oh how it thundered, so deep and loud;
With ripples in the sky, it shook every mount.
We barely survived, the craft started to sink!
“Full power ahead!” The captain did speak;
So we pushed through that gargantuous storm,
Made it across, and shortly fled home.
Now I sit here, thinking back on the days,
Of friends, adventures, and many tall tales;
The sun starts to set, dusk draws near;
Sleep starts to take me, another quest for me there…