​Do you feel the changing breeze? 
Do you see the golden leaves? 
Can you hear the melody
Of the skylark, as it sings? 

Wind is blowing, 
Trees are swaying, 
Skylark’s song is always shifting!
Sun is setting, 
Clouds are raining, 
Come with me and go skylarking! 

Do you sense the summer’s flee? 
From the curse have you been freed? 
Have you heard the beckoning 
Of God’s voice gently speak? 

Seasons changing, 
Years are passing, 
Skylark’s song is always aging! 
Time is wasting, 
People hasting, 
Blind to Christ they are rejecting! 

Is there hope in anything? 
Will ground stay beneath my feet?  
Sings the skylark in the tree, 
“What is life without meaning?”

Hope is failing, 
Ground is shaking, 
Skylark’s song is quickly waning! 
People searching, 
Never finding, 
Stubborn pride, again denying!


Now it’s quiet, dark, and night. 
The skylark’s song is cold. 
A single Light shines out so bright;
Piercing the heart and soul. 

The shaking stopped, 
The noise abrupt, 
As onto the Rock I stepped. 
My heartbeat  stills, 
The fight is naught, 
As Christ, my heart, indwells.

Riddle #3

Where do I go from where I am now?
Which road do I take, can I be found?

Who will give the directions aloud
Without a voice, nor even a sound?

My companions compass the world around;
I will never be lost, as north is not south.

Look to my borders, beyond what is known.
Use me to find your way safely home.

Adventure Planet

Adventure Planet

Many days ago, I looked in the distance.
And saw a great mountain, and promised to climb it.
Across deserts and hills, streams and mountains;
‘Til I reached that peak, of so great a foundation.
The trials and hardship, of every step foward,
Great sorrow and anguish, when I backslid down further.
Running, walking, hiking, and climbing;
On all fours, I continued crawling.
Onward I pushed, for I knew the reward;
Of enduring to the end, the end of this world.
Life is an adventure, unknown and exciting;
Every day a surprise, God’s will He’s unveiling.
I struggled and pushed, past sweat and blood;
Every inch of pain, every minute so far.
I would not have made it far, without the Lord’s hand;
He gave a Comforter, and he gave me some friends.
Friends so faithful, loving and kind;
My fellow comrades, ’til the day that I die!
We made it at last, to the top of the peak;
overlooking the sands, some hills, and some streams.
In glory we meet our loving Creator;
Who died, and rose, and became our dear Savior.
This dream I do have, is in the near future;
It feels so real at the end of this adventure.
I look all around, at my friends and family;
And think of the adventure, that is only just beginning…